Tealive crowned the ‘Most Trusted Brand in M’sia for Bubble Tea 2022’ by Asia Reader’s Digest!

Top regional lifestyle tea brand Tealive has been voted the Most Trusted Brand in Malaysia in a survey conducted independently among 8,000 consumers across five regional markets commissioned by Reader’s Digest. In naming Tealive as the outright winner in the bubble tea category, Reader’s Digest reported it was a clear winner by far over the nearest “other brand” in Malaysia.

Tealive secures ‘Most Trusted Brand in M’sia for Bubble Tea 2022’ award

Loob Holding Sdn Bhd founder and CEO Bryan Loo received the Platinum Award from Sheron White who represented Reader’s Digest Editor-in-Chief Louise Waterson at a gala dinner here yesterday. An elated Loo thanked the millions of Tealive customers in Malaysia for this unexpected accolade and attributed this win to the passion, diligence and the innovative spirit of everyone in the Tealive family.

“This is one award in which one doesn’t apply for but is chosen by consumers in the survey. We’re humbled to learn the results showed Tealive had an overwhelmingly higher score than the nearest competitor,” he said.

Image credit: Provided to Wau Post, courtesy of Loob Holdings
Image credit: Provided to Wau Post, courtesy of Loob Holdings

“We will continue to do what we’ve been doing: always coming up with new ideas and innovative ways to meet customer needs and desires. We will stay true to our brand promise of ‘Always More Than Tea’ to delight our tea-lovers everywhere,” he added, noting that this was a fitting apex to the multiple awards it has won thus far.

Tealive had previously been bestowed awards for marketing excellence, e-commerce prowess, outstanding talent management and for halal compliance.

“This is testimony that Malaysians can create world-class products which is why we are a brand that’s ‘Born in Malaysia, Raised for the World’. This honour has motivated us to innovate more to win every appetite with our extensive menu,” he said.

Findings obtained via independent marketing research surveys

The Asia Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand award is based on its “Trusted Brands Survey” which is an audited survey conducted by independent marketing research company, Catalyst Research. This survey identifies which brands consumers trust the most and provides an objective reference point for the market. It has a long-established reputation as the premier measure of brand trust in Malaysia and worldwide.

This edition of the awards covers a sample size of 8,000 individuals across Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Consumers were required to name the brand they trust above all others and then rate the brand according to the six attributes of trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding customer needs, innovation and social responsibility.

A local brew gone global

Brewing in the Malaysian market since February 2017, Tealive has now bubbled into the largest lifestyle tea brand in Southeast Asia. Today it serves over 750 outlets in countries, including the UK, Australia, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines, and is Malaysia’s largest Made-To-Order beverage provider.

Well-known today for its entrepreneurial spirit, Tealive created its DIY bubble tea kit just one week after the pandemic forced the population into lockdown, so Malaysians could continue to enjoy their favourite bubble tea at home. Within three days of launching online, Tealive had sold 1,000 of the kits, which have since gone on to win numerous awards.

Image credit: KL Foodie

Tealive has continued to innovate to change how the world drinks tea, especially in the digital sphere, such as the launch of the Tealive app for online ordering. Less conventionally, it gave customers a unique online-to-offline experience with a popular mobile game, LifeAfter. This one-of-a-kind event brought virtual Tealive food and drinks into the real world. Available virtually as supplies to the players first, Tealive surprised the public with a real-life launch.

The brand maintains customers’ interest by often providing them with something exciting to look forward to, such as limited-time offerings and exciting brand collaborations. Recently, it partnered with Nestlé’s KITKAT for an exclusive menu, the KITKAT Coco Wafer Smoothie series, made using KITKAT’s wafer spread with chocolate cookie crumbs.

Tealive had previous collaboration with Wall’s Ice Cream of Unilever, Mamee Boba Instant Noodles, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, Biscoff caramel biscuits and Oreo cookies.

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