PDRM have identified driver of Ferrari involved in viral road-rage incident who allegedly hit & choked motorist

Source: @qiltinho, China Press

Local police have identified the driver of a white Ferrari 458 Italia that had been recently involved in an alleged road rage incident, according to Harian Metro. This comes after the victim, Twitter user @qiltinho, had reached out to social media earlier yesterday (20th April 2022) for help from netizens to obtain more evidence over the incident.

Ferrari driver involved in alleged road-rage incident 

According to a police report that was shared by the victim, the accident itself had taken place along Jalan Sultan Ismail on the 19th of April 2022 at around 12.04am. At the time, the victim had been driving a red Proton X70 SUV with a female companion, and had stopped their car behind the white Ferrari at a traffic intersection when the lights had turned red.

However, when the lights turned green, the victim claims that the Ferrari spontaneously reversed, before knocking into the front of his Proton and causing a minor accident. Tailing after the sportscar, both the victim and the alleged assailant then travelled in the direction of Kampung Baru, before pulling their cars over along Jalan Raja Abdullah.

Upon alighting from their respective vehicles, the victim claimed that the driver of the Ferrari denied any wrongdoing and threatened him, before grabbing the victim’s phone and tossing it away. Harian Metro reports that the assailant had allegedly choked the victim and punched him in the head, to the point that he fell on the ground. As a result of the incident, the victim says he sustained injuries to his elbow, left ankle, and body.

Driver comes forward, claims he did not cause an accident or assault anybody

In a corroborating report from China Press, a popular livestream host has since come forward to admit that he was the driver of the white Ferrari, which has often been seen featured in the background of his livestream videos. According to the man, who is popularly known by his moniker as the ‘Prawn King’ due to his business in selling fresh seafood online, he claims that he had not backed his Ferrari into the victim’s Proton or been involved in an physical altercation with him.

The driver of the white Ferrari claims that he did not cause an accident or assault anybody. Image credit: China Press
The driver of the white Ferrari claims that he did not cause an accident or assault anybody. Image credit: China Press

Saying that he had explained his case to the authorities, he also shared a photo of his sportscar’s rear without any discernible damage, which he says proves the fact he was not involved in any collisions. He further claims that a traffic police officer who was present at the time of the alleged altercation could substantiate his side of the events.

According to Dang Wangi Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Noor Dellhan Yahaya, local police have obtained an Order To Investigate (OTI) from the deputy public prosecutor’s office, and will be investigating the case under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

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