Thai woman blows-up oil warehouse, causing RM5 million in damages as her boss ‘stressed her out’

For anyone who has ever held down any number of months working professionally, you will likely be familiar with the notion of workplace grievances. Whether if its with regards to workplace disputes between colleagues or unreasonable superiors that leave you feeling stressed out, many of us resign ourselves to keeping silent instead of creating a fuss and bringing it up to Human Resources.

Woman blows-up oil warehouse after boss stressed her out

But for one Thai woman, not only did she decide not to take her grievances to the relevant departments in her company, she even went so far as to take things into her own hands. In a fit of rage and vengeance, 38-year-old Ann Sriya resorted to blowing up her company’s oil warehouse on 29th November 2021, after reportedly becoming angry and frustrated at her boss.

According to The Independent, she was said to have initially planned on setting a small fire on company grounds by means of lighting up a crumpled piece of paper and throwing it at a fuel container being kept at the warehouse. What she didn’t come to expect was how the fire started to spread uncontrollably before resulting in a massive series of explosions at the storage warehouse belonging to Prapakorn Oil.

Caught on closed circuit television (CCTV) video, Ms Sriya who was employed as head of the warehouse, could be seen holding on to a piece of paper and disappearing behind a huge stack of containers. A different CCTV angle then shows the top of some oil containers aflame, before things took a turn for the worse.

Caused over RM5 million in total damages

As a result of her actions, the warehouse and the thousands of gallons of oil stored on-location was rendered completely destroyed in the blaze and cost the company RM5 million in total damages. Dramatic scenes filmed from the location of the explosion showed a blazing inferno engulfing the structure of the warehouse, as well as fireballs and clumps of thick smoke as over 40 fire engines worked to temper the blaze.

Taking over four hours, emergency service had to also prevent burning oil from reaching a nearby canal that would have spread to other residential areas nearby, reports Daily Mail. 

Source: Daily Mail

Ms Sriya has since confessed to committing arson, saying that she was driven to do so due to how her boss, 65-year-old Pipat Ungprapakorn, had stressed her out every day. She had been working with the oil company for over 9 years.

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