Muhyiddin says ‘no’ to YDP Agong’s proposal to form unity govt with Pakatan Harapan

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Four days on from the 15th General Elections, and Malaysia still finds itself being caught amid a shaky period of political uncertainty that was brought about by its first ever hung Parliament. With neither Pakatan Harapan nor Perikatan Nasional having the adequate numbers to call for a decisive win, negotiations between political factions in the country have led to an abundance of speculation as to how this deadlock will be resolved.

This was further compounded by an audience that was granted by His Majesty KDYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong to both Anwar Ibrahim and Muhyiddin Yassin, leaders of the two dominating political coalitions, at 4.30pm yesterday (November 22nd, 2022) after neither managed to submit the required seats to gain majority support to form a Federal Government.

Muhyiddin says ‘no’ to forming unity government with PH

Perikatan Nasional leader Muhyiddin Yassin with PAS President Hadi Awang. Image credit: Malaysiakini
Perikatan Nasional leader Muhyiddin Yassin with PAS President Hadi Awang. Image credit: Malaysiakini

It would now appear that talks between both leaders have failed to resolve the current impasse as according to local newspaper Malay Mail, Muhyiddin revealed that he has turned down a proposal made by His Majesty to potentially form a unity government with rivaling coalition, Pakatan Harapan.

He explains that his party has always stood firm on their refusal to work in a pact with PH, while also expressing disappointment at the dismissal of his claim of having the alleged backing of 112 Members of Parliament.

“We have discussed the matter earlier. We will not cooperate with Pakatan and that is the party’s stand from then until today,” he told members of the media in a conference held outside his Bukit Damansara home.

Adding to this, he said that he was told to sign off on a letter to indicate that he agrees with the prospect of a unity government, but had decided to sign the letter with indication that he disagreed.

Muhyiddin also showed proof that the statue of declarations (SDs) in his favour had been presented to the Royal Private Secretary Datuk Nazim Mohd Alim, and had received a letter confirming that the documents were received.

“But when I had the audience [with the YDP Agong] earlier, someone said that this is not enough, I don’t know what the reasons are behind that, but the proof is here,” he said.

His Majesty is expected to meet the 30 Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament (MPs) today from 10.30am onwards via individual interview sessions.

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