M’sian woman shares how her face became swollen & heavily wrinkled during pregnancy

Cik Nur Ain showing the difference between her skin before and now.
Source: Cik Nur Ain

Carrying out a pregnancy to term can be some of the most challenging periods in a woman’s life. From the duress of carrying another human being in your tummy to the potential changes in habits and potential health complications that may occur, this natural occurrence can be one fraught with challenges. And sometimes, they may come to be an unexpected surprise, as one Malaysian woman came to experience.

Skin became swollen and wrinkled during pregnancy

Nur Ain's skin appearing swollen and wrinkled during her pregnancy.
Source: Cik Nur Ain

In a now viral Facebook post, user Cik Nur Ain shares how her recent pregnancy resulted in some unusual side-effects after she started noticing that her skin grew to become swollen and wrinkled. In fact, the condition only seemed to worsen as her pregnancy went on, causing her face to appear aged and leathery.

Nur Ain's skin 4 months after her pregnancy, appearing smoother.
Source: Cik Nur Ain

“Pregnancy side-effects are real, guys. That photo of me where I looked like a grandma was taken when I was 9 months pregnant, on the way to labour. The photo on the right is my face now, 4 months after giving birth, as I am about to visit a skin specialist.” she writes.

Despite a period of over 8 years between having her first child and her second, she did not expect the side-effects of her second pregnancy to be this severe. The exact cause of her skin condition is not explicitly stated.

Suffered comments about her appearance

Cik Nur Ain's husband would constantly provide her with morale support.
Source: Cik Nur Ain

Due to the condition of her skin, Nur Ain recounts how those around her would often leer and jeer at her appearance, many of whom left scathing insults such as how her looks resembled that of an accident victim’s, or how they were put-off by the prospect of becoming pregnant themselves after seeing what she had endured with her complexion.

However, she expressed her gratitude for her husband’s support, who remained steadfast by her side throughout her pregnancy. Offering her continued morale support, she said her husband had never once criticised or disparaged her appearance.

It is said that she is now currently receiving treatment for her skin, and she hopes that it would return to normal soon.

This isn’t the first instance of such a case being reported as in April of 2020, another Malaysian woman had claimed to have suffered from similar circumstances during her own pregnancy.

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