M’sian woman finds battery-like item in her soup while eating with her friends at hotpot restuarant

Woman finding a battery in her hotpot. Source: WenBin Teow (Pexels), Kelly (Facebook)

Over the recent years, hotpot has become increasingly popular amongst the community. It is enjoyed by many people as a communal meal, where everyone can gather around the table and cook their own food to their liking. The dish can vary in flavor depending on the type of broth and sauces used, typically seen as comfort food especially during raining season.

M’sian woman finds a battery-like item in her boiling soup while having hotpot with her friends

Just yesterday, a Facebook user named Kelly has shared a shocking discovery on behalf of her friend. In her post she said,

“Has anyone experienced the same issue with me where you’ve found a battery-like substance while eating hotpot? This is what I’ve experienced.”

Hotpot ingredients. (For illustration purposes only)Source: WenBin Teow (Pexels)
Hotpot ingredients. (For illustration purposes only)
Source: WenBin Teow (Pexels)

She continued on in her post mentioning that her friend has decided to head over to a hotpot restaurant based in Johor with her friends and her 2-year-old toddler. When they arrived, they were seated in a room and proceeded to order their meal. As they were eating, she discovered a battery-like item ‘cooking’ in her soup.

“We’ve been eating for over an hour before finding out that there was a battery in the boiling soup.”, she recalled, feeling thankful that the item did not explode while they were in the midst of having their meal.

“50% discount will be offered”, said the manager on duty

After discovering the battery, they quickly notified the manager who was on duty and asked if he knew what that item was to which the manager replied them saying that he doesn’t know what that is and would check with the kitchen staff. When asked if she could take a photo of the item, the manager quickly denied, and she swiftly took a picture before handing over the item to the manager.

“When the manager came back, we asked if we could inspect the item again, but he told us that the item has been dumped into the rubbish bin and he is unable to retrieve the item”, she said, feeling frustrated that she was careless when it came to dealing with the situation.

Woman finding a battery in her hotpot after eating for more than an hour. Source: Kelly (Facebook)
Woman finding a battery in her hotpot after eating for more than an hour.
Source: Kelly (Facebook)

She requested for the restaurant to show her CCTV footages located at the kitchen to understand the situation better but the manager told her that they do not have CCTV installed near the kitchen. Following that, the manager offered them a 50% discount for the ‘mishap’ that they endured and said that they were willing to prepare everything she ordered again if they’d accept.

“Why would we even have the appetite to eat after what had happened”, she mentioned.

Subsequently, she requested to meet the restaurant owner for further clarification and when the restaurant owner met her, she mentioned that she was willing to void their bill and as token of apology, they would offer them free desserts. As she was worried for her toddler’s health, she asked for the restaurant’s number and left to the hospital immediately.

Police report made; item suspected to be electronic cigarette

She revealed that while the battery they found did not cause them any physical damage, she was monitoring her toddler’s conditions closely as it may take time for bodies to react the chemical or heavy metal substances. Following that, as they sought for medical compensation, the restaurant owner told them that they would only compensate them this time round and not for any other further treatments if necessary.

Local authorities suspect that it could be an electronic cigarette. (For illustration purposes only)Source: Renz Macorol (Pexels)
Local authorities suspect that it could be an electronic cigarette. (For illustration purposes only)
Source: Renz Macorol (Pexels)

“She even told us that the medical compensation is borne by the particular restaurant employee, making us feel guilty”, she said.

As of now, she has mentioned that they’ve written a letter to the headquarters of the restaurant and has made a police report regarding the matter. When making her police report, the police have speculated that based on the picture she provided, the item she found could be an electronic cigarette.

She then concluded her post urging for the public to be wary when having their meals out and be sure to check their food the minute it arrives to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

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