M’sian mother supports her children’s initiative to sell Milo, aims to teach them the value of money

Source: 小李飞刀 via XHS

Many would say that selling is an essential skill in life, and cultivating it in children from a young age is beneficial for them. Equipping the young generation with the art of selling empowers them to enter the world of commerce, which has been a dominant field in this modern world. Moreover, they get to learn essential tools for effective communication, entrepreneurship, and self-confidence.

To instill these skills in her children, one mother from Sungai Long, Kajang had in fact set up a humble stall where her children can learn how to make sales by selling RM2 MILO.

M’sian mother sets up MILO business for her children to manage in Kajang

The children even made the signboard themselves, with the help of their mother. Source: 小李飞刀 via XHS

After helping her children to put up a makeshift MILO booth, the mother took to Xiao Hong Shu (XHS) to share this adorable experience of her kids managing a business for the first time. They prepared almost half a gallon full of MILO beverages to sell to passers-by RM2 per cup.

Source: 小李飞刀 via XHS

Their customers are mostly nearby residents or hikers who are looking for something refreshing to quench their thirst. However, many seemed to be intrigued by their efforts as the mother revealed that they had earned around RM10 per person at the end of the day!

They had even come up with creative ways to sell their “product” by making a small sign using cardboard. One of them was also seen waving it around in the picture to catch people’s attention.

“They came up with the idea!”

You may be surprised to know that it was the children who came up with this amazing idea! They were the ones who pitched the business proposal to their mother, who supports the idea but was well aware that she would be doing most of the preparation.

“These rascals said they wanted to sell MILO at a crowded place, so the adults (her and possibly other parents) had to get up early on a rest day to help with the preparation,” she wrote playfully in her caption.

Source: 小李飞刀 via XHS

She also wrote that she provided them with the capital money, so they would learn how to start up a business.

“They’re already learning the basic principles of earning money at a young age.”

The mother even revealed that they are still eager to sell more in the following week. However, she jokingly responded that they thought she had so much time to spend on this every Sunday.

Kudos to these smart kids! We believe that they have good potential for entrepreneurship, and we look forward to what their future holds!

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