M’sian man rewards salesman for his willingness to serve him despite knowing he cannot afford phone

Shopping can be a rewarding experience, and most of the time the process is an enjoyable one. But not all shopping experiences are always great.

M’sian man rewards salesman for his willingness to serve him

Leeroy is seen asking a salesman if he would attend to him. Source: Leeroy Wong (TikTok)

Walking into a store should be an exciting trip to make. However, there are times when it might be rather daunting. For instance, you could be purely surveying and seeking professional opinion from salesmen.

Instead, you’re faced with pressure to buy on the spot. This happens to many of us, including one TikToker named Leeroy Wong. Speaking to Wau Post, he explains that he recorded the social experiment to spread an example of how customer service should be.

“If I cannot afford it, will you still serve me?”

In the 1 minute 45 second clip, Leeroy enters a phone store where he consults with a salesman. Before proceeding, he gives the salesman a heads up that he may not be able to afford the phone.

“If I cannot afford it, will you still serve me?” Leeroy asks, to which the salesman readily agreed. A short while into the video, Leeroy posed a question to the man.

“No matter what, we are all still humans.” Source: Leeroy Wong (TikTok)

“Despite me telling you that I cannot afford to buy, why did you still serve me?,” he questions. In reply, the salesman asserts his belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally. “In the end, we are all still humans,” the salesman says.

Touched by his answer, Leeroy moves on to the big reveal. Handing the salesman a piece of paper, he asks him to read it aloud. As the salesman went over the content, his eyes widened with disbelief.

“For your graduation trip”

The salesman was astonished to discover his reward. Source: Leeroy Wong (TikTok)

“I am going to meet Taeyang, CL and other artists at Borneo Sonic Music Fest at Sarawak Stadium on the 6th and 7th of October.” Surprised and bewildered, the salesman asks Leeroy what does it mean. Leeroy then explains it was his way of rewarding the salesman’s service, in spite of knowing he will not be making sales.

The salesman received 4 tickets worth RM3500 to the music festival and was elated beyond words. He says he had just completed his degree, and Leeroy points out that he could consider it as his graduation trip.

“I hope this video can allow more salespeople to treat their customers equally,” Leeroy elaborates. “I too was once treated unfairly, where the boss attended to me politely at first. As soon as I asked to pay by installment, he completely ignored me.” Leeroy hopes that more of those working in the sales industry will treat each customer with equal respect.

Regardless, all of us can emulate the salesman’s behavior when it comes to treating the people around us. You never know, what goes around comes around!

Watch the video below:

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