M’sian man encounters 68yo atuk working as Grab rider to survive, netizens rally to offer help

Source: @danielashraf1370 via TikTok

Sometimes, the power of the Internet and community can lead to wonderful things. Whether if its in reuniting long-lost family members or coming together to help turn a dilapidated back alley into a beautiful, thriving urban garden, when people come together to help one another, magic happens. And when it came to lending a hand to an elderly 68-year-old atuk Grab rider, Malaysian netizens were quick to spring into action.

68-year-old atuk working as a Grab rider to survive

It all happened after a recent TikTok clip shared by user @danielashraf1370 brought to light the plight of an old man who had apparently just joined the gig economy trade not too long ago, with hopes of being able to support himself.

Given the extended period of lockdowns leading to rising unemployment and a general state of economic downturn, many have resorted to taking up whatever jobs they could find to keep abreast of their finances, just like this elderly man had.

In speaking with the old man, we learn that he had only taken up joining the gig economy as a Grab rider two months ago, and had previously been working as a lorry driver. But what was most heartbreaking to see was how the senior citizen appeared to be suffering from physical ailments and walked with a slight limp and hunched back.

Netizens rally together to offer aid

As we all know, working as a food delivery rider is by no means a walk in the park. Long hours day and night, rain or shine, can wear down even young, robust men into exhaustion. One can only imagine how much more challenging the job must be like for a man of his age, given the physical exertion it demands.

Netizens attempting to reach out to the elderly atok.
Source: TikTok

“Please do try to find him. I would like to help him out on a monthly basis, so that he may rest.” 

Netizens attempting to reach out to the elderly atok.
Source: TikTok

“If you run into this uncle again, please update us. If possible, I’d like to make a donation.” 

Netizens attempting to reach out to the elderly atok.
Source: TikTok

“Please update if you have his account number.” 

Malaysian netizens have since rallied behind the elderly ‘atuk‘, with many who are attempting to identify and reach out to him in hopes of providing him with some means of assistance through financial donations. Mr Ashraf has vowed to try and track down the elderly man again in hopes of being able to obtain further details concerning his circumstances.

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