M’sian driving instructor praised for remaining calm when teaching his students

For many Malaysians, driving would be one of the ways to commute around town. With that said, most Malaysians would take their driver’s license test when they turn 18. However, many would agree that the process of getting a driver’s license is rather daunting.

M’sian driving instructor praised for remaining calm when teaching his students

Firdaus giving driving lessons to students. Source: Firdaus Razali (TikTok)

According to a video posted by driving instructor Firdaus Razali, he was seen giving one of his students a lesson. Instead of yelling or lecturing his students, he decided to go with a different approach, calmly giving his student tips and notes on how to navigate the vehicle.

At one point, the student had to overcome the challenge of making a U-turn. “Now we will be doing a U-turn,” Firdaus announced gently. “Are you ready? Okay relax,” he tells her, as the student begins to drive.

“Beating the stereotype”

Many commenters praised his patient and gentle approach towards his students. Source: Firdaus Razali (TikTok)

Slowly but surely, she manages to successfully maneuver the vehicle. Relief washes over the student’s face as Firdaus acknowledges her effort, and the two continue their lesson in a lighthearted manner.

Although it may come across as part and parcel of learning how to drive, many were impressed by his teaching style. Since, most of us may have had a slightly more stressful experience in driving school.

“He is breaking the stereotypes of driving instructors with his soft spoken manner.” Source: Firdaus Razali (TikTok)
“I will feel motivated if my lessons are like this.” Source: Firdaus Razali (TikTok)
“Now this kind of teacher is the best, not the angry kind.” Source: Firdaus Razali (TikTok)

How lucky they are to have a teacher like Firdaus! Let’s hope that this will help to create more safe and considerate drivers on the road.

Watch the video below:

@firdaus.razali #LearnOnTikTok Pusingan U kereta manual..Ok ke tu?Moga Bermanfaat #belajarmemandu ♬ original sound – Daus | Driving Instructor

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