M’sian driver smashes into 6 cars after losing control of SUV then runs amok on street, gets put into straitjacket

Malaysian man gone rogue as he hits 6 cars and says he is God. Tested positive for use of Marijuana. Source: Info Road Block

Over the past weekend, Bukit Jalil was abuzz with activity after South Korean girl group sensation BLACKPINK held the Malaysian leg of their Born Pink tour in the National Stadium. As one can expect, traffic was less than ideal as a result of the influx of concert-goers.

With that said, the congestion around the area was only further exacerbated when a man caused even more havoc in the area when he crashed into 6 cars after losing control of his luxury SUV.

M’sian driver loses control of vehicle & smashes into 6 cars in Bukit Jalil

In a video uploaded on the Info Road Block Facebook page, two rows of cars could be seen moving slowly down along a street as they approached a stop light. Just as they were prepared to stop, a black Lexus SUV suddenly appeared from behind at full speed and squeezed between the two rows of cars, inevitably crashing into 6 of them from the side before eventually overturning.

A man in a pink shirt believed to be the driver of the Lexus then got out of the car and began to run around the two-lane driveway, visibly causing a scene. He could also be heard shouting “I am God!”. Subsequently, he appears to have taken his shirt off before threatening other drivers with a hostile gesture.

Thankfully when the local authorities arrived, the man was subsequently subdued and detained on the spot before being put in a straitjacket.

Malaysian man tested positive for Marijuana seen running around after hitting 6 cars.
Malaysian man tested positive for Marijuana seen running around after hitting 6 cars.
Source: Info Road Block (Facebook)

In a statement released by the police, initial investigations have identified that the man who as a 40-year-old Malaysian. At the time, he had allegedly lost control of the vehicle causing him to crash onto cars that were slowing down at the traffic lights. Thankfully, the crash has only caused damage to the cars involved and no one was injured by his recklessness.

Malaysian man saying he's God after hitting 6 cars and running around topless.
Malaysian man saying he’s God after hitting 6 cars and running around topless.
Source: Info Road Block (Facebook)

The man was then asked to do a urine test where he was tested positive for the use of marijuana. As of now, he has been  detained at the Dang Wangi police headquarters to assist in further investigations.

Watch the videos here:

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