M’sian man yells at security for not watching over his child after leaving her at guard post

Source: @CampaiyonSyams

Having a child is a monumental responsibility that requires around-the-clock attention. This is especially true when one has to take care of much younger children who are prone to wandering off on their own. And yet, one Malaysian father was said to have been caught in a rage after allegedly blaming the security guard from his apartment complex for not watching over his son when he had left him at the guard post.

Man berates security guards for not watching over his child

The incident was said to have taken place at Residensi Awani in Sentul, after the management office had released a public notice concerning the matter over their official Facebook page. According to the notice, a tenant living at the apartment was said to have left his child at the desk of a guard post as members of apartment security were conducting a staff change for their rounds.

Apparently angered by the fact that the security guards were not watching over his toddler daughter, the man was then caught on CCTV camera footage allegedly berating them for their negligence.

The man who had allegedly berated security over neglecting his child.
Source: @CampaiyonSyams

The management notice goes further to claim that asides from hurling expletives, the man had also threatened members of security staff present and had issued threats as well.

Apartment management has alerted authorities

The apartment’s management is apparently planning to take action against the tenant as well as the owner of the unit. It is also said that the authorities have been alerted over the matter. It is unclear if police investigations are underway. The management further reminds that childcare responsibilities are not specified within the scope of duties of the security staff.

The man berating members of security.
Source: @CampaiyonSyams

The post, which has gone viral over Twitter, saw many netizens chiding the father for blaming members of security for their negligence when it should have been his own responsibility to look after his own child.

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