M’sian buys food for part-time helpers after seeing one of them eat bread for lunch

Helpers are usually hired to help out with various household chores which includes, cooking, cleaning, laundry and even childcare. While domestic workers are hired to assist us in our daily lives, it’s important to note that they’re also human beings and deserve the same respect regardless of their jobs.

M’sian buys food for part-time helpers after seeing them eat bread for lunch

Just recently, a Malaysian named Alison has shared a post regarding two part-time helpers who assisted her with her house cleaning. In her post she wrote,

“We’ve left the house vacant for some time and have decided to clean it out.”

Seeing that the house hasn’t been cleaned regularly, she then hired two part-time cleaners to help speed up the process of cleaning the house. As she observes their work ethics, she was pleasantly surprised with how fast and efficient they were. Upon noticing how efficient they were, she quickly called the helper’s manager to praise them, adding that she’d like to book them in advance for future occasions.

Malaysian buys part-time cleaners food after seeing one of them eating bread for lunch. Source: Alison (Facebook)
Malaysian buys part-time cleaners food after seeing one of them eating bread for lunch.
Source: Alison (Facebook)

Recalling her past experiences, Alison mentioned how she had experiences with part-time helpers who fainted as they wanted to get the job done without going overtime.

“Knowing that some of them would refuse to take their lunch break, I would often remind them to take breaks and take their lunch before continuing their work”, she said.

Packed the fried chicken and curry gravy to go

As the helpers sat at the dining area, she saw one of them pull out a bun while the other packed her own lunch. Alison then approached them and asked if that was enough for lunch, to which the helper answered saying that it’ll be enough to tide her through. Taking matters onto her own hands, Alison then decided to order lunch for them and passed her phone to the helpers, asking them to pick what they’d like to eat.

After scrolling for a bit, the two helpers then ordered their food and passed the phone back to her. Looking at their order, she was shocked to find out that they only ordered plain rice with curry gravy.

“I know I couldn’t change her mind, so I decided to order a packet of rice with fried chicken and egg for them”, she mentioned.

As they finished their job, the helper passed her some tips and tricks about cleaning. Taking the opportunity, she asked the helper as to why she decided to pack the fried chicken instead of eating it, she shared that having egg with rice was enough for her. Hearing her respond, she couldn’t utter any words but smile at her. Reflecting on her own life, Alison realised how blessed she was, noting that having options are considered as one of the luxuries in life.

Truly an inspiring read and we’re glad to see that faith in humanity still persists.

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