2 toddlers seen dangerously crawling on Sibu building ledge after escaping through gap in window grill

2 kids wandering about a window ledge.
2 kids wandering about a window ledge. Source: China Press

Inherently curious about the world around them, young children and toddlers can often find themselves getting into trouble without even realising it. Which is why for parents, it is imperative to ensure that their homes are suitably child-proofed to prevent unthinkable tragedies from occurring.

Yet, two young children were recently caught on camera dangerously wandering out and crawling onto a building’s third-floor ledge on their own by horrified eyewitnesses.

Sibu toddlers found by neighbor wandering on building ledge after window grill broke

Earlier, local newspaper China Press has reported that a woman in Sibu shockingly encountered two toddlers wandering about on the building ledge of a shop house at around noon yesterday (March 1st, 2023). The shocking sight showed the young children ambling about close to the edge, clearly unaware of the danger that they have put themselves in.

According to the eyewitness, who was also a neighbour living close-by the family of both children, she noticed that one of the window’s grills was broken, granting them just enough of a gap to crawl through and escape outdoors.

2 toddlers in Sibu found wandering about on window ledge.
2 toddlers in Sibu found wandering about on window ledge. Source: China Press

Well aware that one false move could lead to severe injury or even cost the children their lives, she did her best not to startle them and called on her brother living nearby for assistance. By the time he arrived along with four of his friends, one of the toddlers had climbed back into their own house, leaving the other still wandering about outside.

Thankfully, both kids weren’t hurt from the shocking ordeal and managed to find their way back to safety. Following that, a witness had shared that prior to the incident, the two kids were often seen playing close by the window they allegedly climbed out from, but the toddler’s mother has since denied the allegations.

Window that the 2 children allegedly climbed out from, with a hole in the grill.
Window that the 2 children allegedly climbed out from, with a hole in the grill.
Source: China Press

She explains that that both her kids don’t usually play around the window, before claiming that the only reason they climbed out was because they were ‘curious and naughty’. Following that, the mother of two has vowed to keep all the windows in her home closed and secured properly, while also getting the broken grills fixed to avoid such things from happening again.

According to Section 33 of the Child’s Act 2001, any person who, being a parent or a guardian or a person for the time being having the care of a child, leaves that child without making reasonable provision for the supervision and care of the child, shall face an imprisonment charge of no more than two years, a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or both.

Here’s a gentle reminder to always check on your children to ensure that they are safe.

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