M’sian man chokes while eating Angku Kuih, passes away while heading to the hospital

Source: Bake with Yen, China Press

For those who are unfamiliar, Angku kuih is a type of traditional Chinese pastry and its consistency is doughy and glutinous. Just recently, a man has tragically passed away after choking on a piece of Angku kuih.

M’sian man chokes on angku kuih while having breakfast

On January 29, the man who resided in Bagan Datuk, Perak has decided to have a piece of Angku kuih for breakfast at around 9am. Unfortunately, the piece of pastry became a choking hazard once he realised that there was some soreness coming from his throat.

Source: Bake with Yen

According to China Press, it was reported that when the tragic incident happened, the man was with his son and daughter-in-law. The distance between their residence and the clinic was only a 2 minute drive but when they arrive at the clinic, it was not open.

Following that, his son and daughter-in-law then decided to send him to the hospital. The nearest hospital that they could find was located over 10km away from Teluk Intan but as they were rushing him to the hospital, he tragically passed away.

His body was then sent to a hospital for autopsy and the cause of death was determined to be choking.

Source: China Press

Not long after his passing, the couple then only realised that there was an emergency button that could be pressed at the clinic they stopped by. The emergency button would then alert a medical personnel to attend to urgent matters even if the clinic is not opened.

Immense guilt was felt by the man’s son and he felt as though he could have saved his father’s life. Fortunately, their relatives and family members were understanding of the situation and weren’t harsh on him.

Our deepest condolences to the family involved and we hope they’ll be able to heal from this traumatic incident.

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