Man narrowly escapes injury after metal object pierces his windshield while driving on M’sian highway

While travelling on the highway, drivers are asked to be aware of scenarios such as car breakdowns, overtaking or speeding. There may be more bizarre cases including road rage and road scams. But what would you do if a flying debris smashed into your windshield while you were just driving peacefully on the road?

Man’s windscreen takes a “bullet” on the highway

Source: Teo Wee Long via Facebook

Facebook user Teo Wee Long took to social media to share a traumatic experience that happened to him when he was travelling to Johor. On May 15, he was driving along the NSE Highway when out of a sudden, a foreign object impacted his car’s front window. 

In the dashcam footage he posted, the object can be seen gliding from underneath the car ahead and smashing into the glass, landing on the dashboard right in front of him. The impact has left glass particles all over the dashboard, inside the vents, and even all over his body. According to Teo, he suspected the object to be a piece of metal, possibly from a nearby moving lorry.

Teo was reportedly unharmed from this incident.

“I am fine, at least I wore glasses that protected the eye,” he said.

RM2,000 for repairs and parts replacement

Teo posted an update on his personal Facebook account that he has made a police report about the incident. For the repairs on his windshield, his insurance has helped him to cover the expenses when he requested a claim. As for his car’s dashboard and bonnet, Teo had to pay an approximate amount of RM2,000 out of his own wallet for the repairs and replacement. 

Source: Teo Wee Long via Facebook

He also said that he had submitted a claim form to The PLUS Expressways Berhad, asking for compensation for this unanticipated incident. 

Many netizens wrote in the comment section to express their relief that Teo was unharmed. They offered him consolation from the experience while some asked him about the car’s condition.

“If this has hit a motor instead, it can kill the person like a gunshot. Thank goodness you were alright! Did you claim your insurance for the windshield?”


“Wouldn’t want to imagine what would have happened if there was no dashboard to block it.”

“As long as you are safe and unharmed.”

“It’s time to use bulletproof glass.” 

Even if drivers are careful on the highway, some things are just unavoidable, for example in this case. It was fortunate for Teo to have survived the sudden impact and was not injured by the shattering of his windshield. 

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