Grandma insists on learning how to spell from granddaughter despite her age, touches netizen’s hearts

When we were growing up, our parents often told us those interesting stories of how they travelled to school and fought for their education. They reminded us constantly that we were lucky enough to have education presented to us on a silver platter. At that time, we may have believed that most of the things described were just pure exaggeration, but let’s lay it on the line. Our generations will always be more fortunate than those before us.  

In the olden days, education was a luxury and not many could afford to send their children to school. Therefore, many of these children were forced to skip or quit school at a young age to help out in the family. 

Grandma eager to learn even at an old age

Jazmin teaches her grandma how to spell in the comfort of their home. Image credits: @itsaizajustmint via TikTok

That was the case for Jasmin’s grandmother, who blew up the Internet with her strong passion for learning. According to Jasmin, her grandmother stopped going to school at a very young age and was not able to receive a proper education. Therefore, she has decided to learn to spell Bahasa Malaysia from her granddaughter.

To remember this moment, Jasmin filmed every spelling session she has with her grandmother, which shows heartwarming clips of her learning new words. In the video, the elderly student can be seen writing down new words in her notebook. After jotting down notes, she then took her time to memorise the words by spelling them out.

“I can see her love for learning. She seems so determined to learn when someone guides her,” the proud granddaughter wrote.

Source: @itsaizajustmint via TikTok

Jasmin’s grandmother has learned how to spell words like tuala, ratus, kerajaan, Malaysia and mangkuk. Furthermore, both of them came across a chucklesome moment when Jasmin taught her how to spell the words “kerajaan” and “mangkuk”, which means stupid government if put together.

The passionate student has always wished that she could complete her education like her peers in those days. 

I know my Tok (Grandma) would’ve loved learning at school. May she continue to learn,” Jasmin wrote. 

Source: @itsaizajustmint via TikTok

Netizens touched by the heartwarming studying moments

The video eventually went viral with 1.1M views and it has garnered an amount of 211.6k likes. Many were touched by the grandma for being so determined to learn even at her age. They praised her and commented that her passion for learning has put us all to shame. 

Source: @itsaizajustmint via TikTok

“How embarrassing of us as the younger generations will sometimes still be lazy to study. Hope this grandma can live a long and healthy life.”

Source: @itsaizajustmint via TikTok

Some cannot get over the “kerajaan mangkuk” joke from the video.

Source: @itsaizajustmint via TikTok

This grandma is living proof of the quote “You’re never too old to learn”. Let’s aim to become more like her and never stop learning even when we are old.

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