Man from PDRM wanted list arrested after hitting 64yo elderly man’s head with motorbike helmet

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When it comes to roadside altercations, the best advice you could possibly hope to hold on to is to always keep your cool and remain level-headed. More often than not, road rage has led to some truly unpleasant incidents to take place and ultimately, nobody wins regardless of how the circumstances pan out.

Man hits 64-year-old with motorbike helmet

But of course, tempering road rage seems to be easier said than done, especially in this recent case that took place in a petrol station along Jalan Duta. In what was said to have stemmed from a disagreement after he was allegedly cut-off in line to refuel, a motorcyclist took matters into his own hands and proceeded to assault a 64-year-old elderly man with his motorbike helmet.

The incident, which was caught over closed-circuit television (CCTV) shows how he disembarked from his motorbike before approaching the victim to confront him. Barely moments after that, the suspect proceeded to remove his helmet to strike it against the victim’s head, causing him to stumble and fall against his own car. Clips of the assault have since made their sounds on social media.

Suspect is on PDRM’s Wanted List

Thankfully, the victim was said to have received treatment from a local hospital and is recovering from his injuries after being discharged. But what made the incident all the more interesting was the fact that the assailant involved was in fact a suspect on PDRM’s Wanted List, according to a statement released by Brickfields district police chief Assistant Commissioner Amihizam Abdul Shukor.

The suspect striking the elderly man.
Source: DoBetter4Malaysia

According to Malay daily Kosmo!, the 38-year-old suspect, who had been working as a personal chauffer, has an ongoing drug case filed against him from 2010. Upon being detained, the suspect was given a urine test and came back negative for drugs.

He will continue to be remanded until Tuesday (16th November 2021). The suspect’s clothes worn during the time of the incident as well as his motorbike, a Modenas Kriss MR3, and his helmet. were confiscated as part of the ongoing investigation. Members of the public who witnessed the incident have been urged to make a report with the nearest police station.

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