Lion in China zoo goes viral for Lady Gaga bangs, but zookeepers say it’s not their fault

The majestic lion is known to be the king of the jungle and an apex predator feared by many. Its mane is considered an indication of the lion’s fitness, similar to the flashiness of the peacock’s tail. However, this lion came out as just pure adorable when it happened to have an unfortunate haircut. 

Zoo lion’s hairstyle made netizens laugh

Source: 我跑不动了 (Little Red Book)

A male lion in Guangzhou Zoo, China was seen sporting some choppy bangs by one of the zoo visitors. She then posted the pictures on Little Red Book, which has garnered attention from netizens since 28 May. 

“This silly-looking lion in Guangzhou Zoo is real. It looked like it was wearing some blunt bangs,” the caption wrote. 

The old-school hairstyle on the majestic creature has indeed lowered its scary factor. It reminds us of the unappealing bowl cut our parents gave us when we were young. 

Netizens were amused by this funny-looking lion that they took it to the comment section to ask who gave the poor creature such an unfortunate haircut. 

“Who gave him that haircut? Even his wife looks embarrassed of him.”

“His hairstyle wasn’t like that two months ago, and now he just looks silly.”

“I also had bangs like that.”

One even asked what shampoo it was using for its bangs. 

It was its own fashion choice!

Many wondered if it was the zookeepers who had given the lion this retro haircut, but the truth was funnier than it seemed. An employee from the zoo commented that they were not responsible for the look for they are not brave enough to give the predator a haircut. Apparently, it was the lion’s own doing as lions usually groom themselves.


Source: 我跑不动了 (Little Red Book)

The Guangzhou Zoo stated that this may also occur due to the high humidity in Guangzhou which causes the lion’s hair to frizz up. 

We all have come across some poor hairstyle choices and this lion happens to be one of us. At least now he knows not to get bangs next time because some of us are just not cut out for it. 

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