LATEST: Fully-vaxxed M’sians can travel to SG via air without quarantine by Nov 29th!

Source: Visit Singapore, The Sun

For families who have been separated by the Causeway, this will come to be the most anticipated piece of news that they have been waiting to hear all this while. Fully-vaccinated Malaysians will be able to officially travel via airplane to Singapore without any quarantine, beginning from 29th November 2021 onwards!

Fully-vaxxed M’sians can travel to SG by air from 29th November

Inside Singapore's Changi International Airport.
Source: Visit Singapore

According to Singapore paper The Straits Times, this arrangement was made possible with the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) launched between the island state’s Changi International Airport and our very own Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It is worth noting however, that the VTL only applies to air transportation, and does not cover entry on land via the Woodlands Checkpoint from Johor into Singapore.

“The Prime Ministers also look forward to restoring travel across the land links between both countries in the near future,”

“They were happy to note the good progress in ongoing detailed discussions on a similar vaccinated travel scheme, to reopen travel across the Causeway and the Second Link, taking into account the public health situations in Johor and Singapore.” both Singapore Prime Minister Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Malaysia Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in a joint statement that was released today (8th November 2021).

Travelers only need to be tested, with no quarantine required

A MAS plane's tailwing.
Source: The Sun

In order to be eligible to travel via the VTL from Malaysia into Singapore, travelers need to be fully-vaccinated according to the vaccines provided to them in their home countries, and will only need to be subjected to COVID-19 testing prior to leaving their home country, and upon arriving at their destination, reports CNA.

The tests need to be of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) variety. Children under the age of 12 will also be allowed to travel via the VTL arrangement, provided that they are accompanied by a fully-vaccinated adult traveler who meets the current stipulated guidelines. As for returning Malaysians from Singapore who are fully-vaccinated, you will still be required to undergo a 7-day home quarantine upon arrival.

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