KL food delivery rider leaps into action after witnessing snatch thieves steal woman’s bag, rams his motorbike into them


Food delivery riders are without a doubt, one of the most essential cornerstones of modern living for many Malaysians. And this has proven to be especially true in the case of the pandemic, with many of them risking exposure to infection for the sake of bringing hot meals to our doorstep. But their hard work doesn’t just stop there, as many have also been known to be among the first to lend those a hand when it is most needed, such as in helping an elderly woman to find her way back home. 

GrabFood delivery rider leaps into action, saves woman from snatch thieves

And just recently, another such incident had attracted the attention of local social media users, when a local food delivery rider was witnessed leaping into action to help a woman who had just fallen victim to snatch thieves. According to local paper Sin Chew Daily, the crime had taken place on Sunday (August 21st 2022) at sometime around 8.22pm.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage from the scene of the crime shows how a woman in a yellow dress walking alone along a sidewalk, before she was suddenly accosted by two men who were riding a motorcycle.

A scuffle ensued off camera, before the woman is once again spotted trying to wrestle her bag from one of the assailants as they moved out onto the main road.

Rammed his motorcycle into the thieves before fighting them off

Thankfully at that very moment, a GrabFood delivery rider spotted the altercation and swiftly rode his motorcycle up to ram into the snatch thieves, before climbing down to fight them off. This then attracted other bystanders to come to the woman’s aid, eventually causing them to become completely overpowered.

Realising that there was little hope of trying to escape, both thieves allowed themselves to be captured by members of the public, before they were handed off to the authorities.

The clip has since become so widely circulated, that it had even caught the attention of GrabFood, who is now looking for help to identify him.

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