Kind M’sian offers destitute father money after finding him rummaging through trash to find toys for his son

Source: Twitter vi Evianne, Reddit

As inflation hits and the cost of living increases, there is no doubt that many people around the globe will be affected. And while some of us are fortunate to still be able to afford basic necessities that we often take for granted, there are many others still who are struggling to make ends meet.

Just recently, a kind Twitter user @scvrlettvvyyy has shared her experience while she was taking out the trash. 

Father and son duo rummages through trash looking for toys

According to Evianne, she was on her way to the community trash disposal area when she encountered a father and son duo rummaging through the bins. Without thinking much, she walked over and proceeded to dispose her garbage. As she was about to throw her rubbish, the father then approached her and stopped her from throwing it away as he had noticed an aquarium among her discarded items.

A pile of rubbish next to rubbish bins. Photo for illustration only. Image credit: Afrik21
A pile of rubbish next to rubbish bins. Photo for illustration only. Image credit: Afrik21

“Please hold on boss. Are there any toys there?” the father asked her pointing to her trash.

She then replied the man saying that it’s just a used aquarium and there aren’t any toys in it. The man then proceeded to ask the son to choose and see if there’s anything he’d like from the used aquarium.

Kindness goes a long way

She then left the trash where the father and son were at and walked back to her car. She sat in her car for a moment to process her thoughts and realised that they were actually rummaging through the rubbish she just threw out. Deciding to lend them both a hand, she quickly retrieved what money she had in her purse to give it to them.

She got down from her car and approached the father with a RM20 bill. “Here uncle, please use this to buy toys instead of rummaging through the trash”, she said.

The father and son duo seen rummaging through trash bins for toys
Source: Twitter via Evianne

Surprised by her kind gesture, the man thanked her profusely and appeared to be elated by the sudden gesture of kindness. As she walked back to her car, she notes that the duo had immediately stopped going through the trash and headed straight to a mini mart nearby.

As she was about to leave, Evianne then saw the duo walking out from the mini mart and the man then waved at her with a big smile on his face. While she was glad that she assisted them, she could not help feeling some guilt for not being able to do more in her position.

Motivated to help more of those who are in need

Speaking to WauPost, when asked if there was away to contact the duo, Evianne mentioned that she didn’t manage to ask for their contact details but seeing as they were walking around near her neighbourhood, there’s a possibility that the duo would be near the Bundusan area in Penampang, Sabah.

Following that, Evianne has also mentioned that her intentions when tweeting her experience was to express her feelings following the incident.

“I wanted to spread kindness and share my experience. I never thought that my tweets would gain that much traction but I’m glad to see that there are still plenty of kind hearted people around”, she said.

She mentioned that there are a few netizens who have since reached out to her with the intention of donating some toys to the family after reading her post.

“I will definitely approach them again if I’m able to bump into them and I’ll make sure that the donated items reach them”, she adds.

She then ended her short interview saying that this experience has given her motivation to work harder in life as she aspires to help more of those who are in need.

Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story Evianne! Here’s to hoping that the small family receives the aid they so sorely need.

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