Kind M’sian cleaner donates 2 dialysis machines worth RM40k each to dialysis centre after selling off his land

Source: Sin Chew Daily via Izhar Azimat

The world can never do with too much kindness, in spite of how common it may appear. Just recently, a netizen has shared that a kind Malaysian who works as a cleaner has graciously made a considerable donation to his workplace, for the betterment of society.

Kind hearted Malaysian cleaner donates 2 dialysis machine that costs RM40,000 each.

As reported by local newspaper Sin Chew Daily, the man, who goes by the name of Kali, works as a cleaner at a local dialysis centre. In spite of his humble lifestyle, he has recently caught the attention of local social media users after he reached out to property agent Izhar Azimat to help him with selling two plots of land that he owned.

Source: Sin Chew Daily via Izhar Azimat

“I asked him why he wanted to sell the lands he own for and all he told me was that he needed the money”, said Izhar.

Without pursuing further with his questions, he just figured that Kali would want to retire from working as a cleaner and enjoy his golden years. He notes that Kali would only commute to work on motorcycle, and remained adamant that he didn’t need a car even when Izhar suggested that he buy one with the money from the sale of his land.

It was later revealed that he lands that Kali requested for him to sell was sold for a six figure sum last year.

But as it turns out, a portion of the money that was obtained from the sale of his two plots of land had been used by Kali to purchase two dialysis machines, each costing a whopping RM40,000! When asked about it, Kali then proceeded to send a picture of him and the dialysis machines he donated.

Source: Sin Chew Daily via Izhar Azimat

According to The Star, Kali had expressed his intention of donating two dialysis machines to the centre since early last year after feeling moved by how people of all walks of life required dialysis treatments. He is among the centres most steadfast employees and has been working with them for years.

Sharing Kali’s story over his own social media, Izhar urges readers to follow in his footsteps to be kind.

“You don’t need to buy a RM40,000 machine to do good. You can always start small buy feeding stray animals or helping people who are in need of food or drinks”, he said.

We hope that more people will share in that mindset, for a little kindness, empathy and understanding really can make the world a better place.

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