M’sian women weave the Jalur Gemilang & Sabah flag using 100,000 beads in hopes of entering M’sia Book of Records

National Day is fast approaching, and before you know it, so will Malaysia Day in September as well. While our Independence Day celebrations differ each year, these women from Sabah came up with something very special ever since 4 years ago.

M’sian women weave Jalur Gemilang and Sabahan flag using 100,000 beads

These Sabahan women are seen carefully weaving 100,000 beads together to form the flags. Source: Sin Chew Daily (Facebook)

In the spirited village of Matunggong, located near the Kudat district in northern Sabah, a unique celebration of National and Malaysia Day takes place every year. Instead of the usual sing-alongs and firework display, a group of Sabahan women sit down together to create a masterpiece in the making.

This initiative was pioneered by Hanna, and she had high hopes for the project. Her vision was to curate bead-woven flags representing Malaysia and Sabah, as a showcase of love for their country. She presented the concept to the villagers with a grand vision: to secure a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) for a flag decorated with the most beads.

4 years in waiting until today

The women created two flags, the Jalur Gemilang and Sabahan flag. Source: Cess Ibajo-Campbell (Pexels)

Hanna shared that the women sought guidance from YouTube to master various beading styles, techniques, and durable materials. Gathering a team of 15 women, the group dedicated days of hard work to achieve the goal.

Finally in 2019, a tapestry with 54,442 beads representing the Jalur Gemilang and another featuring 53,790 beads for the Sabah flag were produced. Sadly, 4 years on, the flags have been mostly kept in storage due to the lack of funding.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the women had to cover RM8,000 with their own expenses to increase the size of their flags to meet the MBOR requirements. Yet, it was still not enough, as they needed an additional RM12,000 to list their flags for nomination.

Nevertheless, their hard work and determination are definitely worth admiring, and we sure hope they get the recognition they deserve!

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