M’sian woman surprised with sparkly pink Porsche on her birthday after jokingly suggesting to ‘glam up’ her BF’s car

Image credits: @hippo.ysc (IG)

Every partner wishes to make their significant other the happiest person on their birthday by gifting them presents and meaningful trinkets to commemorate the special occasion with. In fact, it isn’t unheard of for some love birds to exchange lavish presents such as luxury goods and even jewellery too. However, a Malaysian boyfriend has upped the ante by a considerable margin, after he decided to gift his girlfriend a sparkling pink Porsche!

M’sian woman received a pink crystallized Porsche on her birthday

Jun Jun or known by her alias ‘yyysssccc’ is a streamer and host on the live-streaming platform, Bigo. Image credits: @hippo.ysc (IG)

On 3 December, Instagram user and Bigo streamer Jun Jun received a lavish birthday present in the form of a glittering pink Porsche Boxster from her partner. The sports car was delivered to her in a glass display truck while she was out celebrating her special day.

In the video uploaded on her IG account @hippo.ysc, the glass-encased luxury car pulled up right in front of her while she was trapped in traffic with her friends. It drew much attention from the people nearby, and she initially thought that the automobile was meant for someone else until she saw her social media handle. Her face beamed with excitement and joy when she realized that the beautiful crystallized Porsche was meant for her.

Source: @hippo.ysc (IG)

“It was modified using my favourite car wrapping design (pink bling!). It must have taken a long time to find it,” she wrote gratefully.

The well-known Bigo streamer was very excited about her present that she took videos and multiple photos of herself with it. She also shared the joy with the passersby around her by distributing the helium heart-shaped balloons that came with the car.

Source: @hippo.ysc (IG)

“Bling bling supercar”

In speaking with WauPost, she said that it all started when she joked about having a ‘bling bling supercar’ during a conversation with her boyfriend a few months back. She had her eyes on a nice glittering car wrapping and she jokingly mentioned if they should have it applied to her boyfriend’s car. However, she did not know that her partner has decided to pull out all the stops by buying a new Porsche and having it modified with the wrapping she desired.

Source: @hippo.ysc (IG)

Moreover, he intentionally picked the day when she was out celebrating with her friends to present her with the surprise, so that it wouldn’t arouse any suspicion.

“Who knows a few months later, the whole joke became a reality and it really caught me by surprise that the car is a gift to me,” she said.

She adds that the entire experience still feels so surreal, as she never thought that she would be the proud owner of such a unique sports car. Similarly back in November, a pair of parents had gifted their daughter a bright-yellow Porsche Cayman for her 21st birthday.

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