Indonesian expat shares how a kind M’sian stranger helped recover her missing phone by bringing it to a police station

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In this day and age, it is hard to imagine going about daily life without your smartphone. Whether it be for the purposes of sending off an email or message, to checking bus routes or watching videos on the LRT, our smartphones have become an inextricable part of our lives. Given that fact, losing a smartphone could almost feel like losing a limb for those of us who come to depend so much on them.

Indonesian expat loses her phone at KL shopping mall

Unfortunately, that is exactly what had happened to Indonesian expat @laurencia.bella, otherwise known as Bella, while she was visiting The Gardens shopping mall in KL recently. In a video clip that was shared to her Instagram, she explained that she had been in the restroom at the time and had wound up placing her iPhone on a shelf in one of the stalls.

But as luck would have it, Bella left the restroom stall without her phone, thinking that she had already brought it along with her as she could still hear music playing through her AirPods. It wouldn’t be until the music cut off did it dawn upon her that she had left her phone behind. Rushing back to the toilets, she started asking around if any of the women present had found her phone, all of whom said that they did not.

Managed to recover it with the kindness of strangers

Left with little choice, she decided to head to the concierge to inform them about her situation, where they tried to get the mall cleaners to help look for Bella’s phone. Turning up empty handed, she then made her way to the police station that was located inside Midvalley MegaMall itself. While making her police report, officers told her to expect the worst as it is unlikely that the person who took her phone would return it back to her so readily.

However, to Bella’s surprise when one of her friends tried to contact her, a policeman from a different police station wound up picking up. As it turns out, a local woman had found Bella’s phone and handed it over to the authorities, hoping that it would be returned to its rightful owner!

Woman requested to remain anonymous

In speaking with Wau Post, Bella told us that the woman had requested police officers to remain anonymous.

“According to the police officers, the lady persists she wants to remain anonymous, didn’t leave any name nor phone number

She didn’t want to be found, but hopefully she knows how grateful I am!” she said.
Which goes on to show that a little kindness can really go a long way! To the kind woman who helped Bella to recover her phone, thank you!
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