Kind M’sian guides 2 blind men around KL to look for sporting goods, even helps them home on MRT

Source: @hariskacho via TikTok

As we all surely know by now, a little kindness can really go a very long way in making a difference to someone’s day. Whether if it’s in sparing some change for a beggar who is down on his luck or feeding a hungry stray animal, these little gestures can really add up to make the world an ever so slightly better place to live in.

Kind M’sian helps guide 2 blind men around KL

And it is by that merit of kindness and good will that had inspired one Malaysian netizen to go truly above and beyond to lend a literal helping hand two 2 blind men that he had encountered while strolling about in the heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur yesterday (12th December 2021). In a clip uploaded by TikTok user @hariskacho, also known as Abdul Haris Harahap, he recounts how he had run into the duo when out and about with his own family over the weekend.

Having found them seemingly lost amid heavy crowds, he decided that it would be best that he could help guide them between the busy streets, saving both blind men plenty of time along their sojourn out into the big city. In conversation, Mr Haris found out that the men, Rafique and Syamil, had apparently been recommended a sporting goods store located in Pavilion, and had made the trip into Kuala Lumpur in search for it.

“When I knew where they were headed, I felt bad if I didn’t at least help guide them towards their destination. So I chased after them and helped them to look for the store,”

“While chatting with them during our walk, they told me that they were both completely blind. This was their first time in Pavilion.” he said.

Even made sure they managed to head home safely!

But Mr Haris didn’t simply leave both men on their own upon arriving at the sporting goods store. He even went so far as to wait on them to complete their purchases, before helping to guide them both back towards the Bukit Bintang MRT station, so that they could both safely return home!

His act of kindness has since been met with high praise among netizens.

“Thank you for for sympathising with those who share the same fate as me. May you receive twice the good will you have shown, and may all your future endeavours go smoothly.”

Source: TikTok

“Great! Keep on spreading the positivity.”

Source: TikTok

“Good job! May all of your family’s future endeavours be blessed.”

Source: TikTok

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