Kind food rider buys customer another meal with own money after their food spills from torn paper bag

Source: Lecas Lim FB

All throughout the pandemic, we Malaysians have come to grow increasingly dependent on the convenience of food delivery apps. And as such, hard-working food delivery riders are now quickly becoming part of the bedrock of modern-day living for many in the city. But these food riders have also proven from time and time again that they are willing to go above and beyond in the line of their work, whether for the sake of their customers or other fellow Malaysians.

Considerate food rider replaces customer’s meal for free

And this was most certainly the case when Facebook netizen Lecas Lim took to sharing their encounter with a very considerate food rider recently, who went to the extent of replacing their meal after accidentally spilling their food on the ground. According to Lecas’ post, the incident had taken place outside his home as the rider was handing the food over to him. 

A photo of the food accidentally spilled by the food rider.
Source: Lecas Lim

Unfortunately, the paper bag that held the contents of his meal suddenly tore open, causing his food to wind up being scattered all over the ground. But fortunately, Mr Lim didn’t have to go hungry as the food rider told them that he would immediately replace his meal for free, before taking off to make another trip to the same fast food restaurant to purchase their order again!

A photo of the food replaced by the food rider.
Source: Lecas Lim FB

Bringing the replacement meal right back to his doorstep, the food rider apologised profusely over the incident and repeatedly told Mr Lim  that they wouldn’t have to compensate him for the trip or the food, as it was his believes that it was own fault that the food had spilled in the first place.

Was working in a mall previously, before being let go due to the pandemic

Commending the young man for his consideration and sense of responsibility, Mr Lim proceeded to pay him for the food that the food rider had bought to replace his meal. Despite costing only RM22.00, he paid the food rider RM50 and told him to keep the change for himself as a reward.

In speaking further with him, Mr Lim learned that the young man had previously been working in a local department store before he was left go due to the pandemic. With two young children still in school, he decided to start working as a food rider to help afford his family’s expenses, which can amount to over RM1,000 monthly.

His post, which has since gone viral and been shared across various social media pages, saw netizens commending the abang rider for his sense of responsibility and courtesy.

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