Keep breaking COVID SOPs & you’ll be deported, M’sian Immigration Dept warns foreigners

Sourc: KLSE Screener, Twitter

At this point, we’re finding it a little difficult to keep track of the amount of ‘Karen’ incidents that have been cropping up as of late, all of which involve breaking COVID SOPs. From ‘Karen Dior’ and her infamous altercation in a KLCC boutique that eventually led to another separate sighting in Bangsar Shopping Centre, to the more recent duo who were also seen outside KLCC’s recreational park without masks on.

Immigration Dept warns foreigners they could be deported for breaking COVID SOPs

Well apparently, we’re not the only ones taking note, as the Malaysian Immigration Department is also well aware of these incident involving foreign nationals. And they are absolutely not amused by the flagrant disregard for COVID SOPs, if their recent statement is anything to go off on.

According to Immigration Department Director-General Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud, Malaysia will not hesitate to deport foreigners who continue to repeatedly violate COVID SOPs, while challenging the authority of law enforcement. Putting their foot down on the matter at hand, they have issued a stern warning and strongly advise all foreign nationals to abide by local law and directives as issued by local government agencies concerning COVID-19 preventative measures.

Travel passes may be cancelled, and they can be blacklisted from Malaysia

Should they attempt to do otherwise, their travel passes may be revoked, along with their immigration privileges. They may even possibly face being blacklisted from re-entering Malaysia as prescribed under Section 8 and Section 9 of the Immigration Act 1959/63, and can be deported to their country of origin.

Local employers or sponsors of foreign nationals are similarly advised to be more responsible and do their part to ensure that foreigners strictly abide by local laws and directives during their stay in the country.

Two maskless women spotted in KLCC park.
Source: Twitter

This statement comes after photographs of two women were caught strolling about KLCC’s recreational park without any masks on, leading to public outcry over the supposed double-standards that exist where COVID SOP compliance is concerned between expats and locals. The now viral Tweet has led to investigations being made into the matter by Dang Wangi police.

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