K.L ranks as one of the Best Food Cities to Travel to by Eater magazine, is the only representative from Asia to make the cut!

Source: Eater, Rough Guides

Malaysians know good food. Whether if you’re referring to a full-fledged meal to keep you filled for hours on end, a quick bite to eat between meetings, or a sweet treat after a savoury spread, our country has always been blessed with an irresistible panoply of culinary marvels to rival other renowned food capitals from around the globe. But ask any Malaysian, and you’ll know that our food is simply second to none.

KL makes it on Eater magazine’s Best Food Cities to Travel to 2022

Which is why it comes as to no surprise at all that in the 2022 edition of its Best Food Cities to Travel To, renowned food and lifestyle publication and arbiter, Eater magazine, has tapped our very own capital city of Kuala Lumpur as one of the must-visit food cities globally. What’s more, Kuala Lumpur is the only representative from Asia to make the list, beating out other food havens such as Bangkok and Hong Kong for a spot on the coveted list!

A hawker preparing salted egg snacks at a night market in KL.
A hawker preparing salted egg snacks at a night market in KL. Source: Eater

But why Kuala Lumpur? Well acording to Eater, it all comes down to the sounds and rythms of the Malaysian capital, which are often punctuated by the ricocheting clanging of utensils striking against hot woks, hawkers exchanging loud but convivial banter, and of course, the chatter of patrons dining on plastic chairs and tables that line the streets of the city.

Come for the food, stay for everything else

And while the magazine editors do note the affect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the local food and beverage industry, they point out that Kuala Lumpur remains a resilient food city that looks to already be bouncing back onto its feet, with many businesses adapting to new norms by transitioning into home-based setups.

“The smells, sights, sensations, and of course tastes returned too, as locals and expats fill the streets again, not only in the city center but in lively suburbs and coastal enclaves. From the sound of it, Kuala Lumpur is hungry for visitors.” wrote Ian Poh Jin Tze.

What’s more, magazine editors even included an exhaustive list of the 38 best spots to dine in for intrepid tourists or expats who may be preparing to add Kuala Lumpur to their travel lists, what with the potential reopening of the nation’s borders come Q2.

A cook tending to claypots filled with chicken rice at a local hawker stall.
A cook tending to claypots filled with chicken rice at a local hawker stall. Source: TourHero.com

Eater recommends that tourists visit KL during the dry season between May and June, but also suggests coming down during New Year’s Eve for the fireworks spectacular that takes place annually around prominent tourist hubs in the city centre. Additionally, they have singled out the Chinese noodle staple, Hokkien mee, as a must-try for first-time travellers.

A bowl of chendol being prepared by a hawker in TTDI.
A bowl of chendol being prepared by a hawker in TTDI. Source: Eater

The recognition has clearly been warmly welcomed by local F&B personalities and entrepreneurs, including Director of Troika Sky Dining, Eddie Chew, and Chef Lee Zhe Xi of Eat and Cook, who offered their assent to the news with Tatler Malaysia.

Other cities to make the cut include Guadalajara in Mexico, Saint-Martin in the Caribbean, San Antonio in Texas, Markham in Canada, St. Louis in Missouri State, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Clarkston in Georgia State, Mallorca in Spain, Orange County in California State, Nantes in France, Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Berkshires in Massachusetts State.



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