“I will make sure they keep running,” Kind M’sian man helps to pay outstanding debt for business

In the current economy, many businesses struggle to hold their fort due to the rising costs. One common issue is keeping up with the rent and running into debt.

“I will make sure they keep running,” Kind M’sian man helps to pay outstanding debt

Sunny helps to pay off some outstanding rent in order to save a beloved nasi lemak business. Source: Sunny Coco (Facebook)

Recently, Facebook user Sunny Coco shared about a beloved business in Kulai, Johor. In the post, he says that he has been patronizing the nasi lemak stall ever since he was 7 years old. “Their grandfather started operating the stall, with the third generation until now,” he wrote.

However, once buses stopped frequenting the area, business has been on the low. As a result, they were faced with 1 year’s worth of outstanding rent. The present owner vented out her frustration to Sunny over the matter. According to her, the building management already issued her a warning to cease operations.

“What happened to the spirit of 1 Malaysia?”

A family heritage that has passed down through three generations.” Source: Suhairy Tri Yadhi (Pexels)

Without hesitation, Sunny forked out his own money to settle the debt. “I was upset because this stall that has been serving customers for 50 years, was simply asked to close like that,” he expressed. In addition, he also hopes that the government could provide the single mother with assistance.

“What happened to the spirit of 1 Malaysia?” Sunny lamented, “This is a traditional cuisine among the people of Kulai, that has been passed down for three generations.” Finally, he ended his post vowing to ensure that the business will live on. His account has since gone viral and won the hearts of netizens everywhere, praising his generosity.

“Thank you so much Sunny.” Source: Sunny Coco (Facebook)
“You are the best, salute uncle.” Source: Sunny Coco (Facebook)
Netizens commending his actions. Source: Sunny Coco (Facebook)

Truly, this is Malaysia. Way to keep the spirit alive Sunny! 

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