Elderly M’sian star-crossed lovers reunite & remarry each other after being separated 63 years ago

Image credits: @khai_nisa91 via TikTok and cilisos

There is a saying that goes, ‘true love will always find a way’, which is to say that love will prevail despite the hindrances the two lovers may face in life. Proving the saying to be true, this elderly couple has apparently found their way back to each other after they were separated for 63 years. The star-crossed lovers can now finally be together as they reaffirmed their vows towards each other in an endearing wedding ceremony that has recently gone viral over local social media.

Elderly couple remarried each other after being separated for 63 years

84-year-old Mahmood Mamat and 80-year-old Fatimah Mohd. Noor has reunited after their separation 63 years ago. Image credits: @khai_nisa91 via TikTok

On 31 October, local newspaper Kosmo! shared the story of 84-year-old Mahmood Mamat and 80-year-old Fatimah Mohd. Noor, and how they found each other back again after all these years. The couple was first married all the way back in 1958 when they were just 16 and 20 years old. However, the marriage only lasted for a year and they were forced to divorce one another when Mahmood had to relocate back to Pahang to earn a living.

In those 63 years, both of them eventually moved on with their respective lives as they got married and started a family with other people. Little did they know that they will once be reunited after the passing of their respective spouses.

The newlyweds walked down the road, surrounded by their loved ones. Image credits: @khai_nisa91 via TikTok

After they reacquainted with each other, Mahmood and Fatimah once again reignited the love they had for one another and decided to get married. Both of their families blessed the union and celebrated the happy occasion together.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @khai_nisa91 who attended their wedding, the two lovers were seen beaming with joy while being surrounded by their loved ones. The video eventually went viral with over 1.2 million views, and the couple was given the nickname “pengantin atok viral” (viral elderly newlyweds).

@khai_nisa91 Pengantin atok viral #pypシ ♬ Selamat Pengantin Baru – Anita Sarawak

Netizens send them their wishes and blessings

The heartwarming story of this couple has touched many netizens, which prompted many of them to write good wishes in the comment section. The video has garnered over 3.1k comments at the time of writing.

Source: @khai_nisa91 via TikTok

Congratulations to the happy couple! May the years ahead be filled with love and joy.

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