“He screamed in pain”, Roti Canai seller from Kedah tragically passes away after alleged neglection & misdiagnosis from hospital

Heart diseases are definitely something you shouldn’t take lightly as it could lead to serious consequences. Unfortunately for this roti canai seller, he had succumbed to his ailments after waiting in agonizing pain for over 5 hours at the emergency ward.

Roti Canai seller from Kedah tragically passes away

According to local newspaper New Straits Time, Chandran Subramaniam, a 51-year-old roti canai seller was sent to the emergency ward at a hospital in Kedah, as he was suffering from heart complications. However, despite the pleas of Chandran’s eldest son, Sathia, he claimed that the hospital staff at the emergency ward were “loafing around”, insisting that his father should wait for his turn.

“I frantically sought help, and at 5am when his conditions have worsened, he was rushed to the red zone for another ECG test”, he said, adding that the doctor had told him that his father was in a critical state.

Chandra and his wife. Source: NST
Chandra and his wife.
Source: NST

Unfortunately, his father’s heart stop beating an hour after he was rushed to the red zone and the doctors were trying to revive him. When contacted by the local press, Sathia mentioned that he thinks his father could’ve been saved, if the medical officers have acted quickly on his father’s case.

Alleged neglection & misdiagnosis from hospital

“Prior to the second test, they (medical officers) brushed my father’s condition off as if it was nothing”, he revealed, stressing that his father had to endure 5 hours of pain, after their initial misdiagnosis of gastric issues.

With his father’s passing, Sathia is now responsible for taking care of his mother and 4 younger siblings ensuring that he is able to provide for his family. Other than the daunting responsibilities that he has to carry at 29, he is also dealing with the loss of his father, sharing that he was very upset with the fact that his father couldn’t even mutter any last words to him, due to the excruciating pain he was in.

Chandran suffered in pain for 5 hours at the emergency ward.Source: Pixabay (Pexels). For illustration purposes only.
Chandran suffered in pain for 5 hours at the emergency ward.
Source: Pixabay (Pexels). For illustration purposes only.

Following the tragic incident, Lawyer Dr Shamsher Singh Thind, representing Chandran’s family confirmed that a police report has been made against the medical staffs in the hospital for alleged death by negligence. The family has also demanded for the Ministry of Health (MoH) to form a panel to investigate the matter as they’ve lost faith with the said hospital to carry out a proper investigation.

Rest in peace Chandran, and we hope Sathia, and his family gets the closure they need. 

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