WATCH: Malaysia school turns “longkang” into home for hundreds of fish

Remember the time we were all amazed by those Koi fish living in the ‘longkang’ (drainage canal) of Japan and joked about how they will not survive if they were in Malaysia? A netizen has recently shared a video showing hundreds of fish happily swimming in her school longkang and we’re amused.

Hundreds of Fish Happily Swimming in This School’s Longkang

A TikTok user, @azusepet_ recently shared clips of her school’s drainage canal with hundreds of fish happily swimming in it. It went viral within days, gaining over 6 million views! This definitely reminds us of the longkang in Japan, filled with Koi fish.

Now if you’ve watched the video, you might be thinking “how will the fish survive?” and “why put those fish in a longkang?” We thought the same too, so we spoke to Azubaidah, owner of the videos to answer these questions.

Apparently, this idea was suggested by the principal of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Palong 7 in Negeri Sembilan for the landscape class as part of their school project. Instead of the usual fish pond, their principal gave the students an assignment (a challenging one) to turn the school’s longkang into home for a school of fish.

Some have asked whether the fish will go missing or overflow when there’s a rainfall. Don’t worry, the students have installed filtration system and pipes to ensure that won’t happen. They also do regular cleaning to keep the longkang clean for the fish, it’s part of their school chores.

Not only is this a creative way to beautify the school’s compound, it also gave students a responsibility to take care of those fish’s well-being. Those fish sure gained a number of fame on social media, although unintended. Jokes aside, kudos to the school and students for executing this idea!

Question: does your school have any creative projects or corners like this? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TikTok

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