Dato’ Seri Vida claims daughter’s bubble tea business is cursed by black magic after poor sales

Operating a business can be unpredictable and risky with economic changes that may cause the business to lose customers. During these situations, owners would come up with different explanations as to why their business has hit a rough patch, and some might be a little more far-fetched than others. 

Believes that business is failing due to black magic

Dato’ Seri Vida uploaded on her YouTube channel stating that she believed her daughter’s shop has been cursed. Image credits: DSV Entertainment via YouTube

On 15 July, Malaysian entrepreneur Dato’ Seri Vida uploaded a video on YouTube explaining that she thinks her daughter’s business might have been cursed by black magic. Her daughter, known as Cik B, opened a bubble tea business called Cik B Boba Lova in Kuala Lumpur. 

The 50-year-old multimillionaire revealed that her daughter’s business has not been doing well for a while, and she believed it is because she has been jinxed by dark magic. She said that she has been giving this some thought for so long but was convinced that there was something supernatural at hand interfering with her daughter’s enterprise. 

“I didn’t want anyone to think that this is for content, but it is not,” said Dato’ Seri Vida.

Source: DSV Entertainment via YouTube

She mentioned that many people couldn’t see the shop, find its location, or claimed that the shop was always closed. These reasons made her further believe her suspicions as her daughter’s shop is literally built on the roadside, and they had served many customers for a long time. 

Hired a bomoh and ustaz to get rid of the ‘curse’

To get to the bottom of this, she hired a bomoh to find out what has been ailing their business. It was then discovered that someone planted a banana tree near the shop (banana trees are known to harbour spirits, especially malevolent ones).

Dato’ Seri Vida found a banana tree near the shop. Image credits: DSV Entertainment via YouTube

Moreover, an ustaz who she hired said he saw ‘someone’ closing the door and a tombstone stood right next to it. 

She also expressed her disappointment that an individual would resort to such dire tactics to ruin her or her daughter’s work. At the end of the video, she said she planned to cut down the banana tree to lift the curse and hoped for the best that it can help improve Cik B’s business. 

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