Burning car shockingly rolls down along road leading towards Genting before crashing into Toyota MPV

Image credit: @ren.pmx

Social media users were left shocked earlier this morning, after video footage began circulating across Facebook showing how a white sedan had abruptly caught fire along a mountain pass leading towards the popular Genting Highlands resort in Pahang. One of the clips, which was shared by TikTok user @ren.pmx, showed the white vehicle completely engulfed in brazen flames.

Burning car rolls down road leading towards Genting

Taken from a vantage above the road from a cable car gondola, pedestrians that were attempting to assist found themselves suddenly caught in a dangerous situation when the car’s handbrake appears to have given way completely. With nothing to anchor it in place, the burning sedan lurched backwards before rolling down along the steep roadway towards oncoming vehicles!

Understandably, other cars that were headed up along the mountain pass panicked and did what they could to avoid running into the astray wreck, with pedestrians fanning out away on the road. Narrowly missing a white SUV parked right behind it, the burning sedan then crashed against a road barricade that prevented it from tumbling down along the side of the mountain, before crashing into the front of a white Toyota MPV.

Another video shared on automotive enthusiast site Azurin Malaysia by TikTok user @kas_man88_tks shows how one man attempted to put out the fire of the wreckage with a fire extinguisher to no avail.

No injuries reported from the incident

According to China Press, the incident had taken place yesterday (9th May 2022) at around 1.44pm in the afternoon. The Genting Highlands Fire and Rescue Department said that they had dispatched first responders immediately to the scene upon receiving a tip-off. They were able to successfully tame the blaze and bring it under control by 2.03pm.

“The wreck has been identified as a South Korean sedan which caught fire, before rolling backwards and ramming into a Toyota Vellfire before stopping.” a representative said.

No injuries were reported as a result of the accident. However, the cause of the fire is still being investigated by the authorities.

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