Badminton fans trapped in Bukit Jalil Stadium carpark after Jay Chou concertgoers allegedly allowed to double-park

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Over the past few weeks, Taiwanese Mandopop royalty Jay Chou has been the talk of town after the Malaysian leg of his concert, which was held yesterday evening (January 15th, 2023), led to a sudden scarcity of tickets for the AFF Semi-Final football matches. Thankfully, it appears that the furor has since subsided over the ticket shortage, and both events went on as scheduled.

Jay Chou fans allegedly allowed to double-park at Bukit Jalil Stadium 

With that said, it would appear that another snag had occurred as a result of his live performance in Bukit Jalil Stadium. In a series of Tweets that has since been widely circulated over the local social media space, attendees of another event that was also sharing the parking space at the stadium found their vehicles stuck in a gridlock, after it was alleged that the parking lot’s management team allowed Jay Chou fans to double-park their cars.

Jay Chou concertgoers were allegedly allowed to double-park by the parking lot's management. Image credit: hannagyeongs
Jay Chou concertgoers were allegedly allowed to double-park by the parking lot’s management. Image credit: hannagyeongs

As detailed by user @hannahgyeongs, two events were being held concurrently at the time in the vicinity, namely the Jay Chou concert as well as the Petronas Malaysia Open 2023. The badminton event took place in the Axiata Arena, which is located on the same premises as the Bukit Jalil Stadium, and hence shares their parking facilities.

However as the badminton event started earlier, spectators were able to park in the designated parking bays to catch the match, which ended around 6.30pm. By 7.00pm, Hannah said that the Axiata Arena was already almost completely empty.

Badminton fans find their own vehicles trapped in parking lot

To their dismay upon reaching their cars, the badminton enthusiasts found themselves being boxed in by cars belong to Jay Chou fans who had arrived later on for the concert. Likely due to a shortage of available spaces, they were allegedly allowed to double-park. While Hannah notes that many did leave their numbers on their dashboards in the event that their cars had to be moved away, they refused to do so when contacted as they were already in the midst of Jay’s performance.

Eventually, car park employees said that they will tow the double-parked cars in order to allow vehicles owned by badminton fans to move out.

“They said they would tow the cars which double parked; but that’s unfair to EVERYONE. To the Axiata guests forced to wait hours for towing to come.

To the concert guests who would have their cars forcefully towed after PAYING for parking and allowed to double park.” she notes.

What’s more, Hannah claimed that parking tickets apparently cost a whopping RM20, which is on top of the RM100 to RM700 that the badminton fans had already spent on the event’s admission fees. Eventually, Hannah was able to maneuver her vehicle out of the parking lot at 8.00pm after waiting for an entire hour, pointing out that other drivers were stranded for longer.

She has also called upon Youth and Sports Minister YB Hannah Yeoh to look into the matter.

Similarly, netizen @fedtriyahya had also received word from other social media users who have been experiencing similar issues at the parking lot while watching the badminton match yesterday evening.

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