Angry mob seen flipping Perodua Myvi onto its side after accident with food delivery rider, 9 people arrested

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When it comes down to conflicts, it’s always key to keep a level-head and try to resolve them through an act of diplomacy as opposed to undue aggression. After all, the latter will only make things worse for all parties involved. And this is especially true when it comes down to accidents encountered on the road. Unfortunately, that was far from the case after a crash had taken place recently in Johor between a Perodua Myvi and a food delivery rider.

Angry mob flips Perodua Myvi on its side after accident 

In a series of video clips that were widely shared across social media, an angry mob that had amassed on a public road in the state of Johor were seen flipping over a blue, early-model Perodua Myvi after a traffic collision.

According to local newspaper Kosmo!, an eyewitness at the scene claims that the incident had occurred when the driver of the car had ran a red-light and struck a food delivery rider who was crossing an intersection along Jalan Masai 2 at around 10.15pm on Thursday (November 3rd, 2022). It was later claimed that the delivery rider sustained a broken leg as a result of the accident.

“The driver tried to escape, but the road ahead was blocked, causing him to turn into a petrol station before he was mobbed by a crowd,” the eyewitness adds.

Two patrol cars later arrived and transferred the driver of the Myvi into their vehicles for his own safety. But while in the patrol car, the Myvi driver was said to have taunted the crowd, causing some of them to react in anger before breaking the compact car’s windows and turning it on its side.

However, a separate clip believed to be from the very same accident obtained from the perspective of the Myvi shows that the driver had in fact been driving through the intersection when the light on his side of the road was flashing green. Which suggests that the food delivery rider was actually the one who had jumped a red light.

Nine individuals detained, seven to be charged

A subsequent report from Kosmo! shares that nine individuals have been arrested in connection with the incident. Quoting Seri Alam Police Chief Superintendent Mohd. Sahaimi Ishak, the suspects range from 16 to 41-years-old, and will be remanded for four days until tomorrow (November 8th, 2022).

Of the nine, seven will be charged under Section 427 of the Penal Code for causing ‘mischief and thereby causes loss or damage to the amount of twenty-five ringgit or upwards’, which upon conviction carries a jail term of not less than one year and not more than five years, in addition to a fine.

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