After 735 days in SG, M’sian woman surprises her parents with heartwarming reunion by pretending to be brother’s GF

Source: Xiao Xiao Hui via FB

Separation can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially for families that have been living apart from one another throughout the pandemic. This is especially true of Malaysians who are working across the Causeway in neighbouring Singapore, many of whom have been eagerly anticipating for international borders between both nations to finally reopen. And thankfully. with the establishment of the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL), they finally have the opportunity to be reunited with their loved ones once more.

After 735 days in SG, M’sian woman finally gets to return home

Among the lucky few include Ms Xiao Xiao Hui, who recently took to Facebook to share the heartwarming moment when she could finally head back home to Malaysia, just in time for the Chinese New Year festivities. In speaking with Wau Post, Xiao Hui explained that she had been working in the island nation for the past 13 years as a sales support staff. Hailing from Ipoh, it has been over 735 days, or a little over two years, since she last met her parents in person due to the ongoing pandemic. 

When she was finally able to secure passage via the Land VTL between Malaysia and Singapore, she decided to hatch a plan to surprise both her parents for the Chinese New Year festivities. Not wanting to be immediately recognised when she arrived at their doorstep, she enlisted the help of her brother and decided to masquerade as his girlfriend.

Decided to surprise her parents by pretending to be her younger brother’s girlfriend for CNY reunion

Upon reaching home, Xiao Hui went looking for her mother, who had been in the midst of cleaning up the kitchen, before introducing herself as her younger brother’s girlfriend.

“I’m Yi Shen’s girlfriend!” she claimed.

Her mother, appearing puzzled at the fact that her son had brought home his supposed girlfriend so abruptly, repeatedly requested for Xiao Hui to remove her mask.

“Who are you? Who is this?” her mother asked both her and her brother.

Unwilling to spoil the surprise so soon, Xiao Hui even asked her mother why her younger brother had apparently neglected to tell the family that he was ‘dating’ her.

“Didn’t Yi Shen tell you about me?” she jokingly asked.

However, the ruse didn’t last too long as her keen-eyed father, who appeared from a bathroom from the other end of their home, immediately recognised her daughter at first glance, even with her face-mask on! Despite that, her mother, still perplexed, asked her father who the girl was.

But in the very moment they embraced, her mother realised that she was indeed reunited with her own daughter and eventually broke down into tears, completely swept up by emotion.

The video, which has since been shared widely across social media, has left netizens moved by the family’s heartwarming reunion, with many wishing them well.

‘I was so touched by the video, I cried!’ said one netizen. Source: Facebook
‘Congratulations on finally making it home!’ one netizen commented. Source: Facebook
‘I’m so moved by this video.’ one netizen commented. Source: Facebook
‘Just looking at the expression on her parents’ faces made me cry.’ said one netizen. Source: Facebook

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