9yo older sister attempted to save 8yo brother from drowning in Ipoh pool, both tragically pass away

Siblings who drowned in the public pool located in Ipoh.
Siblings who drowned in the public pool located in Ipoh. Source: Sin Chew Daily, Costaview

There tends to be an unspoken bond that exists between siblings. Beyond the petty squabbles and quarrels as children, many of us who are fortunate enough to have siblings of our own would probably be able to recall a number of instances when they have lent us a hand when we needed it the most, or protected us from harm.

Tragically in the case of two siblings, this protective instinct has devastatingly led to both of their untimely demises.

9yo sister tries saving 8yo brother from drowning in Ipoh pool

As reported by local newspaper New Straits Times, a pair of siblings aged 9 and 8 respectively has drowned in a pool located in Ipoh. The incident was said to have occurred on Sunday (February 26th, 2023). At the time, it was said that the 9-year-old older sister saw her brother drowning in the pool.

Hoping to save her brother’s life, the young girl did not hesitate to leap immediately after him in hopes of bringing him to safety.

Siblings who drowned in the pool.
Siblings who drowned in the pool.
Source: Sin Chew Daily

Unfortunately instead of saving her brother, she was dragged down by her brother’s frantic movements and ended up drowning alongside him. According to Yahaya Bin Hassan the Ipoh district Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), both siblings were rushed to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital located in Ipoh but were sadly pronounced dead during the journey.

Post-mortem procedures carried out on both children have confirmed that they’ve both died due to drowning. Following that, Yahaya said that the case will now be investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of the Children Act 2001 (Act 611) for neglecting and exposing a child in a way likely to cause them to suffer physical injury.

Ipoh district Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Yahaya Bin Hassan.
Source: Sin Chew Daily

As of now, it remains unclear whether if the pair of siblings went for a swim with or without their parents’ knowledge. Yahaya has also advised the public to not allow kids to engage in activities that are deemed dangerous especially without parental supervision.

Our deepest condolences to all who were affected by the incident, and may the pair of siblings rest in peace.

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