19yo hunky M’sian durian seller goes viral, leaves local netizens hot & and bothered during durian season

Business owners are getting creative with their marketing tactics to get customers’ attention. Some would shoot money in the air inside a nightclub along with an influencer, while some prefer to proudly show off their buff body physique while selling durians. 

Young durian seller shows off his well-built abs and newly-found durian business

19 yo Ashton opens a durian stall to earn extra income while doing his studies. Image credit: Ashtxn via XiaoHongShu

19-year-old Ashton has been blowing up on social media when he uploaded a picture of him posing shirtless with the spiky fruits in his hands. He was advertising his recently opened durian stall at Kepong using the Chinese social media app Xiao Hong Shu. 

“Since Jordan Yeoh is not selling durians anymore, now it’s my turn,” Ashton wrote in the caption. 

It seems that Ashton was following the footsteps of his predecessor Jordan Yeoh, a Malaysian fitness model/instructor who also blew up after helping his friend to sell durians back in 2015. The built teenager furthermore revealed that he was selling durians for some extra allowance while he can focus on his studies.

Apparently, the young Ashton is not just an “eye-candy”, but a student majoring in software engineering. In speaking with Wau Post, he explains that he is also a part-time personal trainer and a sneakerhead (a sports shoe enthusiast), given his wide collection of sneakers-related posts on his social media.

Moreover, the college student wishes to try out more small businesses in the future, with hopes of continuing his gym training career as well. 

Source: MuscleDurian (Facebook)

Ashton stated that his durian business has been doing well since the post went viral. Based on the post, he sells D24, Musang King and 101, but sadly he will not be shirtless as that was for advertising purposes only. 

Leaves netizens drooling over his buff physique

The post captivated many netizens’ attention on the durians and his well-built body physique (hopefully more on the former). Many took it to the comment section to praise him and expressed their “admiration”.

“Will you use your abs to cut open those durians?”

Source: Ashtxn (XiaoHongShu)


“I have durian, but what I don’t have is a hunky guy.”

Source: Ashtxn (XiaoHongShu)


“Give me the abs, not the durians.”

Source: Ashtxn (XiaoHongShu)

Kudos to Ashton for working so hard in his youth. We hope that he will continue to strive in his future endeavors.

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