“You only come when you want votes!” No-nonsense uncle chases MIC members away from home

Source: @chean_nasution

When it comes to politicians, it is always important to remember that they were voted in through a democratic process, and are expected to carry out their duties to benefit the interests of their constituents. But unfortunately, the reality of politics is far less idealistic, given the reputation that the vocation has garnered, often tainted with greed and self-interest.

Political party members get chased out by uncle

Which is likely why one brave uncle had recently gone viral over social media, after he was filmed chasing away what had apparently been members of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) from the front of his home recently. As shared by Twitter user @chean_nasution, the party members were seen distributing brochures, but it is unclear as to whether this had any relation to any upcoming elections.

The very moment they were seen approaching the front porch of a home, an uncle clad in a pair of checkered shorts then enters the frame and immediately shoos the group away, chastising them in Tamil.

According to Twitter users who were able to translate the gist of the conversation, the uncle was said to have been displeased by how party members would only canvass their constituencies when it election time came calling, but would then do nothing to help benefit the local community after they have secured their votes.

“What have the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) done for Indians? You only come knocking when it’s time to vote.”

Netizens stand in solidarity

For those not in the know, the Malaysian Indian Congress is a political party under the Barisan National coalition, and was founded to help preserve and champion the interests of the Indian community in Malaysia. However, the party has since performed poorly in multiple elections, with many claiming that they have failed to gain the confidence of voters.

The video, which has since gone viral, received many amused reactions from netizens alike, most of whom commended the uncle for calling out the apparent hypocrisy that politicians have.

Netizens expressing their support for the uncle in the video.
Source: Twitter

“This uncle speaks nothing but absolute facts. All they know is how to say “I will, I pledge”, and not “I have done this, I have done that”. All are just empty promises repeated for every election.”

Netizens expressing their support for the uncle in the video.
Source: Twitter

“Even the people are beginning to grow sick of politics. One day, the people may simply refuse to go out and vote altogether.” 

Netizens expressing their support for the uncle in the video.
Source: Twitter

“Uncle, you’re the best! Thank you for speaking up for minorities when the entire country was robbed of billions for years! [sic]” 

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