“We need to respect it,” Azrene Ahmad stands behind judge’s verdict of mum Rosmah’s RM1.25bil graft conviction

Image credit: Azrene Ahmad, The San Diego Union Tribune

In what amounts to be a landmark verdict on both counts, both former statesman Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, have both been found guilty of corruption in separate graft cases. In Rosmah’s case, she was charged with three counts of bribery by the High Court on September 1st 2022 for her involvement in the RM1.25 billion Sabah solar hybrid scandal, and is now potentially facing 10 years of jail time in addition to a staggering RM970 million fine.

Rosmah’s daughter stands behind her mother’s High Court verdict 

With that said, Rosmah’s daughter from her previous marriage, Azrene Ahmad, has since gone on the record to share her own thoughts on her mother’s verdict through her official Instagram account on the day it was passed (September 1st 2022).

To the surprise of many, Azrene has maintained that the court’s decision should be respected before going on to point out that under the MACC Act 2009, the accused carries a presumption of guilt unless they can prove in a legitimate capacity that they did not engage in any dishonest acts.

“You cannot just give a flat out denial. You need to prove it.” she adds.

Azrene then further went on to speak at length about vesting trust in the judiciary’s ability to come to a judgement unencumbered.

“Today the court has arrived at yet another decision. To me, they arrived once again at the right decision.

It is what it is; we need to respect it.”

Remains faithful to her responsibility to always tell the truth

She also took the opportunity to address brickbats that have been directed towards her over the years, and reiterates her insistence on remaining objective.

“Right is right, wrong is wrong- especially when it comes to leaders (spouses included); even when they are family.”

Rosmah's daughter from her previous marriage, Azrene Ahmad, has spoken about her mother's conviction. Image credit: Azrene Ahmad
Rosmah’s daughter from her previous marriage, Azrene Ahmad, has spoken about her mother’s conviction. Image credit: Azrene Ahmad

Azrene rounded off her post by vowing to always remain devoted to the nation’s interests in however limited capacity she can afford, as it was her duty as both a human being and a Malaysian, while taking a subtle jibe by saying that being honesty is often unpopular in the country. She concluded by saying she will continue praying for her parents, even in the face of the most dire circumstances.

“As a child, I can only continue to keep them (my parents) in my prayers and hope for the best even when I expect the worst,” she said.

As of right now, Rsosmah’s sentence has been temporarily suspended after she had managed to post bail amounting to RM2 million, and is currently pending her appeal with the Court of Appeal.

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Rosmah's daughter, Azrene Ahmad, has stood by the judge's conviction of her mother's corruption trial.
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