WATCH: This Malay uncle sings a Cantonese song to entertain a Chinese uncle in the hospital

Being born in a multicultural country is definitely something to be proud of as a Malaysian. Besides the many, many annual holidays we get, food and cultural diversity, being able to learn about other cultures aside from your own is such a valuable lesson. Speaking of that, watch this heartwarming video of a Malay uncle singing Cantonese songs to entertain a sick Chinese uncle!

Watch This Malay Uncle Entertains His Chinese Rommate With A Great Cantonese Song

Being sick in a hospital is not something everyone is happy about. We’ve seen many videos of hospital’s patients entertaining each other to wash away the gloominess. While there are many ways to brighten up the mood, this particular patient decides to sing a great Cantonese song to entertain his sick roommate. Watch the video below:


Glad to see people from difference races coming along together. Thank you uncle for entertaining my sick father with a great Cantonese song 🥰🥰

♬ original sound – Ivy_Neoh – Ivy_Neoh
Credit: @ivy_neoh (Tiktok)

Just look at how bright their smiles are! So glad the uncles are happy and energetic. When the Malay uncle sang, even Ivy was shocked yet happy to know that the uncle enjoys Chinese songs! Like Ivy Neoh stated in her posting, we are so “glad to see people from different races coming along together.”

Fortunately, the Malay uncle received a great news. He is well enough to leave the hospital. However, before being discharge, he went to Ivy father’s bed again and left a sweet and heartfelt message:


On the day of discharge for the Malay uncle. He went to my fathers bed to pray for my dad to get a quick recovery 😭 😭 I’m so touched 🥲 #fyp

♬ As the World Caves In – Sarah Cothran
Credits: @Ivy_neoh (Tiktok)

Who’s Cutting The Onion?

These heartwarming videos have touched so many’s hearts and many have left their prayers in the comment section. We, too, wish for both pakcik speedy recovery so that they can both meet again in the near future.

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