WATCH: Roti canai seller ‘Abang Terbang’ stuns M’sians with realistic ‘lizard’ roti canai

With roti canai being one of Malaysians’ go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner food, it is no wonder that CNN Travel listed it as one of the top 30 must try foods in Malaysia. This abang roti canai from Negeri Sembilan, better know as @abangterbang on TikTok just took roti canai to an all new level with his recent video upload. Warning: the following graphics may trigger your gag reflex.

Abang Terbang stuns his TikTok followers with a shockingly real-looking lizard roti canai

Abang Terbang lizard roti canai

In a video that has since been viewed over 900,000 times, Abang Terbang creates a ‘roti canai biawak’ (lizard shaped roti canai) from scratch. He begins by cutting a thin strip of dough which has been rolled out, for the lizard’s hands and feet. The hands and feet didn’t look too real, at first until the remaining dough was used to form the body of the lizard.

Abang Terbang lizard roti canai

The video follows with him cooking the lizard roti canai, which added accents of brown to it as the grill singes the dough. This made the lizard canai look almost like a live lizard! Abang Terbang tops the roti canai off with two half boiled eggs and curry. Oddly, the end product looks somewhat delicious!

Abang Terbang lizard roti canai

Curiously yummy, or gag-inducing?

The video caught the attention of many Malaysians as who would’ve thought that our usual round roti canai now comes in the shape of our greatest nightmare? Some TikTok users commented that their gag reflex was activated while watching the video, while others commend Abang Terbang for his creativity. Abang Terbang himself poked fun at the insect-shaped roti canai and said that animal shaped foods are not ‘haram’, as long as it is made with ‘halal’ ingredients.

You can watch the making of the lizard roti canai here.

Abang Terbang had done it before, and he does it again

Abang Terbang’s first video on TikTok dates back to 2019, where he featured the difference between a jiggly and non-jiggly roti telur. After two years of creating roti canai related content, we are convinced that his love for the Malaysian staple is real.

Its not the first time that Abang Terbang gets creative with the shape of his roti canais. In October, he made a heart-shaped roti canai upon request from one of his TikTok followers. He even made a roti canai that resembles the shape of a snake!

Abang Terbang snake roti canai

Kudos to Abang Terbang for being able to add his own touch to our favourite roti canais! Given the chance, would you eat Abang Terbang’s lizard roti canai?

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