USM use cheeky Godzilla crossing road signs to warn passerby about wild monitor lizards

Funny signage is common in other countries, but this might be a first in Malaysia. Recently, USM decided to accept a playful suggestion and started putting up Godzilla Crossing signs around their campus. The reason behind it is very comical as well. I mean, come on, Godzillas need to cross the road safely too!

Drive Slow, Godzilla Crossing

Posted by USM on their official Facebook page, the photos of Godzilla crossing signs spark nostalgia to the viewers. Especially since most of the people who followed the page are USM alumni. Well of course they don’t have real Godzillas walking about. But what they do have are Godzilla’s smaller cousin – the wild monitor lizards. The monitor lizards were known to hang around the lake and would occasionally chase passerby. This is probably why USM decided to put Godzilla on their zebra crossing signage.


Wild ‘Biawak’ Appeared!

According to the comment section, you simply have to be very careful when encountering the reptile. Either it will chase you or you might even run over them!

Do you still remember that time when we were chased by the monitor lizard? We ran so fast that out slippers came offšŸ¤£šŸ¤£

Don’t try to chase THIS biawak ya.. It’s dangerousšŸ¤£

The monitor lizards at Tasik Harapan. Ahahahaha. It’s always scary to pass by this lake when you want to go to Sungai Dua… Scared that the monitor lizard might chase you

Maybe We’ll Have Ultraman Crossing Next

Now that we have Godzillas, Ultraman just has to come to our rescue! Hope you enjoy this article, what do you think? Should we have more playful signs like this in Malaysia? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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