This M’sian couple owns a gerai in Australia, selling satay & ayam goreng rempah!

Malaysia is known for its wide variety of food choices. With that said, many would choose to travel over to Malaysia to taste all the local delicacies. However, for this couple, they’ve decided to make things different by bringing a taste of Malaysia to the land down under, Australia in the most authentic way!

This M’sian couple owns a gerai in Australia

According to a TikTok video posted by Papa Nash, it was said that the dynamic couple, Mr. Zul and his wife run a small gerai at the roadside named Satay Bro. The couple were said to be originally from Sabah and later on moved to Perth, Australia and started operating a small eatery where they sell fried chicken and satay!

Enck Zul and his wife runs the gerai by the road. Source: Papa Nash (TikTok)
Enck Zul and his wife runs the gerai by the road.
Source: Papa Nash (TikTok)

“On average we would sell over 400 satay a day”, they said.

Zul added that they price their satay at $2AUD (RM7) per stick. Other than that, set menus are also available, where customers can opt to buy 5 sticks of satay, along with condiments like cucumbers, onions and peanut sauce for $12AUD (RM36.43).

All things Satay and Ayam goreng rempah!

When asked about their operating hours, Zul shared that both him and his wife would start work at 2pm in the afternoon and by 5pm, they would usually sell out. Thankfully, with the support of many locals as well as Malaysians, it’s safe to say that customers have been growing steadily.

Papa Nash trying the Satay for himself. Source: Papa Nash (TikTok)
Papa Nash trying the Satay for himself.
Source: Papa Nash (TikTok)

Tasting it for himself, Papa Nash found himself thoroughly enjoying the satay, explaining that the peanut sauce the couple serve is one of the best he’s ever tried.

“This can honestly ‘fight’ anything I’ve tasted in Malaysia”, he shared.

Giving the couple’s satay a 10 out of 10, he then urged for those around Perth to support the couple’s venture.

For those who are thinking of supporting the couple in their venture, feel free to check them out at:

Holmes ST, Southern River WA, 6110 Perth, Australia

Watch the video below:


I tried this Malaysian Satay stall in Perth, Australia! These couple are from Malaysia and setup a business by the roadside in Souther River, Western Australia, selling Satay – known as Satay Bro (Part 1 👉🏻 @Papa Nash ) #thepapanash #papanash #satay #satayayam #sataydaging #australia #halalaustralia #halalaustralianmeat #sataybro #perth #perthfood #malaysia #MalaysianFood #malaysianfoodie #sabah #sataychicken #satayaustralia #malaysianfoodinaustralia #australianfood #ayamberempah #halalfoodaustralia #southernriver #westernaustralia

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