“Their parents passed away”, Selfless M’sian Chinese man takes care of 3 Malay siblings for 16 years

Looking beyond race and religion, a 55-year-old Malaysian has shown exceptional kindness and compassion towards these 3 Malay siblings after finding out that their parents had passed away.

Selfless M’sian Chinese takes care 3 Malay siblings

At the age of 12, Rafei Ahmad Fauzi and his two other siblings, Rasyid and Abdul Rahman were sent to different orphanages after their parents passed away a month apart in the same year. Meeting Michael, affectionately known as uncle Mike, Rafei and his siblings has no idea that their lives would be changed forever.

Speaking to local newspaper Harian Metro, Michael Tong would often volunteer and would frequent the orphanage the Rafei was located at in Gombak.

Uncle Mike with his 3 adopted sons and his grandchild. Source: Harian Metro
Uncle Mike with his 3 adopted sons and his grandchild.
Source: Harian Metro

“Meeting Rafei for the first time, I learned about his story, and I felt the strong urge to help them”, said Michael.

Observing the boy’s withdrawn demeanour, Michael had a talk with Umi, the person who manages the orphanage. Chatting away, the kind man found out that Rafei refused to attend school. Wanting to understand the situation better, Michael then headed over to the school and from there on, he found out that Rafei faced learning difficulties.

To love is to give

Determined to help Rafei, Michael started taking him to school every day, providing Rafei with any support he needed. Sharing his routine, Michael would pick Rafei from the orphanage and send him to school every day. After school, one of Michael’s worker would then pick Rafei up, sending him to a tuition centre, before sending him back to the orphanage.

“This was the arrangement for quite some time, until it was suggested that Rafei lived with me”, mentioned Michael.

Uncle Mike with his 3 adopted sons and his grandchild. Source: Harian Metro
Uncle Mike with his 3 adopted sons and his grandchild.
Source: Harian Metro

With Rafei wanting to live with him as well, Michael decided to take him in. However, one day, Michael found a note from Rafei, expressing his feelings towards his 2 younger siiblings, Rasyid and Abdul Rahman. Reading the note and finding out how much the young boy misses his 2 siblings; Michael couldn’t help but tear up.

Arranging for a reunion, Michael was able to grant Rafei’s wish for him to meet his brothers. Unwilling to bear the sadness of separating the trio, Michael then made the decision to take in Rafei’s siblings. Recalling his days, Michael shared that he had no prior experience when it comes to taking care of a child.

Hires an Ustaz to visit their home every night

“I only took in Rafei at first because I wasn’t sure if I could handle more than 1 child. Thankfully, I have supporting family and friends. They’ve provided me with so much encouragement and help”, shared Michael.

Additionally, Michael’s mom would also take care of the 3 siblings, treating them like her grandchildren. Understanding the significance of religion for the boys, Michael made sure that they continue any Islamic activities, even though they were living with him.

Uncle Mike with his 3 adopted sons and his grandchild. Source: Harian Metro
Uncle Mike with his 3 adopted sons and his grandchild.
Source: Harian Metro

To top it off, Michael arranged an Ustaz to visit their home every night, where the boys can continue to practice their faith and religion. During Ramadan, he would also prepare Sahur and Iftar meals, fasting with the boys. Practicing with the boys since they were young, he wanted to make sure that the boys would fast for the full period during Ramadan.

Dedicated his life to the 3 boys

Taking on the role as both the mother and father to the 3 children, Michael recalls waking up as early as 5am to prepare breakfast for them. He would scold or nag at them if they were mischievious and wanted nothing but the best for them.

“I love them, and I care about them, I want them to turn out good”, said Michael.

Devoting his time in taking care of them, Michael who is unmarried shared that he doesn’t feel any ounce of regret in his decision to adopt the 3 siblings.  When asked if he feels lonely, he said:

“It’s definitely not lonely as I have the 3 of them. Now that one of them is married, I have grandchildren and the house is even livelier.”

Truly a noble man. Thank you, Uncle Mike for giving the 3 of them a second chance in life, making sure that they’re well taken care of. 

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