The power of Twitter helps reunite M’sian woman with her long-lost father after 20 years of separation since childhood

Source: cintadatsme

Social media and the power of community can truly make miracles happen. Whether if its in looking for an answer from a burning question in your head, or looking up a quick fix to get your computer working again, there are almost no feats too big for the Internet to tackle. In fact, some of us may be surprised to realise that with a little bit of luck added to the mix, it could even bring families back together again.

Woman takes to Twitter to find her long-lost father

Just recently, netizen @cintadatsme, otherwise known as Cinta, decided to go out on a limb and try her luck by using Twitter in hopes of being able to be reunited with her long-lost father. Uploading an adorable photograph of her toddler-self being held by her father, as well as another portrait of him when he was younger, she asked if anybody recognised his face.

“Does anybody know this man? Maybe his face might look a little different now, seeing that he has grown older. Because this is my father, and I am looking for him. Just trying my luck.” she wrote.

Cinta proceeded to list down a few additional bits of information about her father, including his name and his last whereabouts, which were said to be in the Taman Kosas area around Ampang. In speaking with Wau Post, she explains that she had lost contact with her father after her parents had separated, and she was raised by her mother. Not having known her father well, if at all, she decided to embark on a journey to reconnect with him as an adult.

“After a few attempts to find him on Google and Facebook, my last choice was to post publicly over Twitter. At the time, I hadn’t lost all hope but I was also not hoping for much. I just wanted to try my luck.” she said.

Man who claims to be her father’s distant cousin finally reunited her with him

And while the initial attempts did not appear to be fruitful, her search on Twitter did eventually result in a rather promising lead after a man named Azmi had replied to her Twitter thread, claiming that the photographs appear to resemble a man that he knows. Reaching out to Cinta, Azmi then goes on to claim that he is in fact a distant cousin of the man in question, and offered to help put her in touch with him.

A man named Azmi offered to put Cinta in touch with an individual that he claims looked like her father.
A man named Azmi offered to put Cinta in touch with an individual that he claims looked like her father. Source: Twitter

As it turns out, the man that Azmi had put her in contact with was indeed her long-lost father, who now resides in a rural part of Sabah and did not have a smartphone of his own. During their first video call together, Cinta said that she was overcome with mixed emotions and broke down in tears.

“I felt awkward calling him ‘papa’ (like is this really happening?) I cried. Happiness, sadness, I felt it all.” she said.

But the reunion ended on a happy note, as Cinta adds that she is now saving up for flight tickets to travel over to Sabah and meet her father in person. If you’d like to support her business, you may reach out to her over her Twitter account by clicking here.

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