“Tell Imran, mummy has passed.” Single-mum leaves tragic instructions for doctors before her death

single mum leaves note for doctors before death

The passing of a loved one is never an easy pill to swallow. Grief is made less lonely with the presence and support from family members. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the privilege of said support system. Such was the case for this mother-son duo who only had each other until death did them apart.

Single-mother leaves tragic instructions for doctors on what to do after her death

A tweet shared by Twitter page @RilekSantaiMY shows the true love that a mother has for her child, even when she was about to pass on. The tweet that has since gotten attention from netizens shows the picture of a handwritten note from a single mother to the doctors, on arrangements that should be made after her death.

The note was written by the woman who has since passed away, as she had no other family members except her son. His name is Imran, and he is mute. Scribbled on a white piece of paper, were instructions for the doctors on what to do and who to inform in the event of her passing.

mum leaves tragic instructions for doctors
Source: @RilekSantaiMY (Twitter)

The woman had requested for the doctors to shroud her body in cloth at the hospital. The note also read; “After shrouding, don’t cover my face. Show it to my son and tell him that mummy is dead”. The woman also left some phone numbers behind for the doctors to contact to inform them of her death.

Netizens offer condolences, some were saddened by the love of the mother

The tweet that has since garnered over nine thousand likes and six thousand retweets has netizens saddened by the love that the single-mum had for her child. She wanted the best for him, even after her death. Other commenters offered their condolences while praying that she rests in peace.

“A mother’s love. Even when the end is near, (she) still remembers her child. Al Fatihah”

single mum leaves note

Source: @RilekSantaiMY (Twitter)

“A mother’s love never finishes, never ends. Al Fatihah”

single mum leaves instructions for doctor

Source: @RilekSantaiMY (Twitter)

“A mother’s love until heaven (death). May Imran’s mum’s soul be blessed, (and may she) receive intercession from the Almighty”

Source: @RilekSantaiMY (Twitter)

While we may mourn at the passing of Imran’s mother and the surely difficult road that he will have to walk on his own ahead, let’s not forget to show our gratitude towards our parents who’ve always wanted and will always want the best for us in their own special ways.

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